School of Milongueros

I’ve had the pleasure of assisting several milongueros with private lessons in my apartment during the past 12 years.  Those taking the lessons were mostly from the USA and Europe who already danced tango and wanted help from a milonguero viejo.

Jorge De Gouvea and his student Carlos

When my friend Ricardo called to ask if I’d be interested in teaching tango to two of his Argentine friends, I welcomed the opportunity.  Lessons began with the embrace and the codigos, not the eight-step basic which is useless in a milonga.  They feel the lead first from Ricardo and then practice with him — the way the boys used to learn tango.



Two days after the first lesson, they joined us in Lo de Celia so they could see exactly what they’re working towards.


Mario – Ricardo – Ernesto

Both know the music of tango all their lives and are very serious about learning to dance.


Mario – Jantango – Ernesto

The milongueros viejos are a vanishing species.  The very least we can do is learn from them so their passion for tango never dies.




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