Eduardo Ereson

January 13, 1937 —

November 24, 2021, was my first time dancing in Lo de Celia after more than five years.  The orquesta of Carlos Di Sarli is at the top of my list.  When a tanda of Di Sarli began, there was only one milonguero in the salon with whom I wanted to dance.  That was Eduardo Ereson. We’ve danced many times in many venues since July 2010.  I closed my eyes and surrendered to the embrace. It was divine.  I had forgotten to put on a mask to dance, but it didn’t matter to me or Eduardo.  In fact, I never used a mask during four hours in Lo de Celia without comment.  Eduardo was panting after each tango because of the mask.

I returned a week later to Lo de Celia and danced three more tandas with Eduardo.  He lives south of the city in Berezatequi, which is a two-hour bus ride for him on Wednesday and Sunday to dance a few hours in Lo de Celia before taking the last bus home. This is proof of how much this milonguero loves to dance.  I asked Eduardo if he would allow me to film him talking about the milongas, and he consented.

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