Moises Mauas

December 4, 1928 — February 17, 2021

Today I came across Pocho’s phone number and decided to try once again to reach him after several unsuccessful attempts last year.  A man answered, but he wasn’t Pocho.  He told me that Pocho had passed about a year ago and gave me his daughter’s phone number.  I called her and left a message.  Minutes later she called me.  I gave her my email and asked her to write so I could send her the links to blog posts I wrote about her father.  This is one of the posts I wrote about Pocho from 2010.

Pocho and I talked by phone one day.  Like most boys of his era, he began learning tango at the age of 14.  Pocho claims he is “enfermo de tango” (ill from tango, in a good sense).  He went to hear Osvaldo Pugliese and his orchestra with Alberto Moran and Roberto Chanel in 1944.  He was going to the cabarets in the city when he was 18.  Pocho prefers the recordings from 1946 and later years.

Tango es la sensualidad de dos almas en un ritmo.  Tango is sensuality between two souls in one rhythm, says Pocho.  The woman dances, not the man.  She puts her hand on his right shoulder while dancing.  She caresses the floor with her feet to express the music for both of them.

Pocho has his table in front of the bar at Lo de Celia Tango Club every Sunday.  He eagerly awaits dancing a tanda of Pugliese.  This is a clip of Pocho dancing vals.  I gave him a DVD so he could see himself dancing for the first time and since then he pays for my drink.

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