Salon La Argentina

I wrote posts about Salon La Argentina in the Palacio Rodriguez Pena after having a personally guided tour with tango friends.  It was a spectacular venue for the social elite of Buenos Aires.  New organizers had ambitious plans to run a milonga this year that abruptly came to a halt when a quarantine went into effect in March.

Among the El Mundo archives scanned by Michael Krugman, I found this one for an appearance by Orquesta Alfredo De Angelis in the Salon La Argentina with a jazz orquesta for alternate sets.   The organizer may have been Club Social Yunke.  Ladies always had the lowest admission charge to these dances.  It was necessary buying the morning newspaper if one wanted to dance at night.  People didn’t decide where to go dancing until reading where their favorite orquesta would be performing that night.  

4 Responses to “Salon La Argentina”

  1. Romaine, Jocelyne Says:

    It’s interesting to learn about te rules of those times. Women were charged less… Nowadays women and foreigners are the ones who pay the bill! You could choose your milonga according to your favorite orquesta. Now, you dance most of the time on recorded music, and only some salones offer late at night dancing with live orquesta.
    In this year 20/20 and because of a virus, all milongueras and milongueros are missing their milongas!!!

  2. jantango Says:

    We foreigners are happy to pay the entrada for the opportunity to dance with the milongueros viejos. For me, one tanda with a milonguero was more than worth the price to enter, and I went home content.

    Yes, there was a time when dancers chose where to dance based on the orquesta that was performing. Tomorrow’s post shows an outstanding event at a club de barrio where you didn’t have to choose your favorite. It’s unbelievable.

    All of us living in the city of tango miss our social connections and warm embraces. We don’t know when or how the milongas will be, but we can only hope that there will be milongueros viejos who return after the pandemic. Things will be different.

  3. krishansen4tango Says:

    Why the quarantine mentioned?

  4. jantango Says:

    The country is still under quarantine since March 20. Although you might think life here is completely back to normal with all the people (wearing masks) out walking and heavy traffic, people remain at home during the pandemic. The only reason we are allowed to go out is to buy food or medicine. Only those who are going to work are permitted to use bus transportation. I believe it’s completely different for you in the USA where there is a rush to get back to “normal.” The only tango happening in Buenos Aires is “virtual.”

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