Salon La Argentina

Salon La Argentina

Salon La Argentina

 The salon was designed by architect Juan Manzini and constructed in 1902, a time when it functioned as a place for social encounters for the members of the Argentine Philanthropic Society.  Given its excellent acoustics with oak floor from Slovenia, chamber music concerts were held there during the 1910s.  The association rented the salon to organizors, some of them orchestras who played every Saturday.  During the 1930s, the first tango dance was organized by alumnos of the College of Medicine.  The 1940s was an era of splendor for the salon when it had regular gatherings.   The orchestras of Juan D’Arienzo and Osvaldo Pugliese performed on stage, and Angel Vargas, Julio Sosa, Alberto Castillo and even Carlos Gardel among many others sang there.

The ladies wore long dresses, and the men gladly paid the entrada for the privilege of inviting someone to dance with the cabeceo.  Salon La Argentina was characterized by its hierarchy, differentiating itself from other tango venues with compadritos and lower class elements.  From the 1970s to the 1990s, the salon was rented out for dances and other social events.  It remained closed from 2001-2004 for a restoration project and transformed into a modern theater while preserving the original identity of the edifice.

The address is Rodriguez Pena 361 near Corrientes.  Nearby at  Bartolome Mitre 1759 is Nuevo Salon La Argentina, named after the original, where the milonga El Arranque is held four days a week.

It must have been crowded for dancing at Salon Argentina
It must have been crowded for dancing at Salon La Argentina

Photos and historic sketch from Palacio Rodriguez Pena

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One Response to “Salon La Argentina”

  1. Hector Cachjo Rodriguez Says:

    el salòn la argentina fue regenteado por Don Pedro Panegatti, todos los jueves actuaba O. Pugliese , sabados y domingos distintas orquestas de tango y jazz, y luego se hizo cargo Carmelo Dàmico y su orquesta guarani, yo fui el animador de ese salon desde junio de 1958 hasta 1974 y con el sobrino de Damico habrimos en el salòn de la Asoc. Nac. Italiano de Alsina 1463 y luego de 5 años deje de dedicarme a eso, me conocian como “Cacho” y realmente me entristese de que no hay fotos de la epoca de oro del Salòn La Argentina, solamente una de Pugliese encontre en internet, no pude encontar al hijo de Panegatti porque el se llevo todas las fotos que habian en el salon y las que guardaba su padre, quedo a su disposicìon para lo que necesite.-

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