Palacio Rodriguez Pena

Two friends and I got a personal tour of Palacio Rodriguez Pena this week.  The orchestras of Juan D’Arienzo and Osvaldo Pugliese, as well as singers Carlos Gardel and Alberto Castillo among others performed there.  Built in 1902, it was the city’s first hall for important social gatherings.  It’s still as lavish as it was then.


The manager turned on the lights and walked us through the palace.  It felt like we stepped back to another era.

DSCN4856 original chandelier

The chandelier in the main salon is lowered on a pulley for cleaning and bulb replacement.

DSCN4857 dressing room as it was in 1902

The furniture is the original in the small dressing room where musicians and singers left their coats.  The wallpaper is not original, but from the period.  The porcelain sink was replaced.

DSCN4858 modern kitchen of Palacio Rodriguez Pena

The huge kitchen is equipped to handle events of 400 people.

DSCN4859 view from the stage

This floor was meticulously constructed for dancing in the salon.  It shows wear, but then it’s more than 100 years old.  This was the place where young ladies were introduced to society.  When invited by a gentleman to dance, a lady looked to her mother seated in the balcony above for her approval.

DSCN4860 the stage

The musicians sat in the area behind these red curtains when playing for dances..

DSCN4861 original bar

Many of the original lamps and artwork grace the palace where the elite of Buenos Aires gathered for dining and dancing.

One Response to “Palacio Rodriguez Pena”

  1. Justin Wasik Says:

    It certainly would be a different experience to have been able to dance in a place of this nature… with a live orchestra playing … everyone dressed up (no sneakers or jeans) … ah thanks for the pics Jan 🙂

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