Obelisco Tango

If you’ve visited Buenos Aires over the last seven years, you probably attended a milonga in Obelisco Tango, which opened its doors on April 19, 2013.  All the milongas of the city have been closed since early March 2020 when the pandemic began, and no one has any idea when they will be allowed to safely reopen.

I heard the news about the sale of Obelisco Tango.  Two milonga organizers posted on Facebook.  Since I live only nine blocks away, I went to check out the building with the for sale sign.  The photo shows the facade of Obelisco Tango which was removed.  The previous business was a children’s indoor playground El Patio.  The owner of the building died last year, and his family is selling the property.  The land has value for new construction, so the sale price is US$1.1M.

Dancers are losing yet another milonga venue, but we will always have our memories of friends, the music, and the tandas we danced in Obelisco Tango.


6 Responses to “Obelisco Tango”

  1. Blezat Romaine Says:

    Four milonga ORGANIZERS wrote about it on Facebook : JUAN CARLOS LA FALCE, LUCY ALBERTO, LOLA VILAR, and CLELY RUÑONE.

  2. tangogeoff Says:


  3. jantango Says:

    Let’s hope that when it’s safe to get back to dancing tango in Buenos Aires that there will be venues available. One thing we can count on is the neighborhood clubs which don’t get put up for sale or demolished.

    Edificio Molino, in front of the National Congress, will be turned into a cultural center when its renovation is completed. It’s a gem of the city that certainly will include tango.

  4. José Says:

    Wow, rest in PISS Obelisco Tango.

  5. Felicity Says:

    I liked that venue although I had two memorably catastrophic tandas there. It was a good room, very central, it had a buzz about it & Iiked the organiser you introduced me to. Plus Dany played there of course.

  6. jantango Says:

    You were here in BA five years ago on February 26, 2016, for your first visit. I enjoyed accompanying to the milongas.

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