When he takes me in his arms, my body melts

I started reading a favorite book for the second time. The sentence above is from Henry and June by Anaïs Nin. It grabbed my attention when I read those words because they resonated in my body. Nin wrote those words in her diary of 1931, and I knew exactly what she meant when I read them. I was familiar with the feeling, because of the milongueros viejos.

I described it as melting when I danced with Alito in Regin during my November 1998 visit. I wrote about the profound experience in my travel diary.

Words can’t describe the feeling. You never know who will induce a melting experience while dancing tango. It’s as difficult as predicting the weather. You never anticipate it. It just happens, and you bask in the pleasure of it. If you are listening to the mental chatter in your head, you will never melt in his arms. Melting requires being in the moment.

I am grateful that my first melting experience came with my dear Alito. It confirmed that tango is not just another social dance. It is a feeling that is danced.

4 Responses to “When he takes me in his arms, my body melts”

  1. suerteloca Says:

    Very nice. This is the thing I miss the most, even from the male side.

  2. tangogeoff Says:


  3. Felicity Says:

    It’s true that great dances can be most unexpected, although some of my best dances have been with unobtrusive dancers with very discreet invitations so I guess those are signs.

    I remember dancing with a guy like this in a tiny milonga in Den Haag. The most surprising thing about him was that he danced so well yet had taken classes and was a teacher, albeit, in the Caribbean by the beach. He was young and not European & had maybe danced a while so those things perhaps counteracted the effects of class that set people so far back.

  4. Fanya Kaplan Says:

    !…my body melts”. Sounds like a tangasm..!

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