Ten years ago Regin was open seven nights a week for dancing. It was on my agenda at least once a week-Monday and/or Wednesday during my last visit before I moved to Buenos Aires. Monday was Claudio Castello’s milonga; Wednesday was Alicia’s milonga with her partner George who was fluent in English.

Regin was a real dive. It wasn’t well maintained, but it was where you could always find milongueros. The ladies’ room was a disaster. The entrada was only five pesos (then five dollars) on Monday and two pesos on Wednesday. Carlos Lafflito was one of the deejays. At 5:00 a.m. he left the booth to dance. 

I have many memories of nights at Regin. It was where I danced my first tanda with Alito on November 19, 1998. My journal has it recorded although I didn’t know his name at the time. It’s impossible to forget such an experience; I described it as melting. It was where I met Kathy from Chicago who moved to Buenos Aires, which only proves how small the world is. It was where I saw Gustavo Naveira dancing socially. It was where I got stepped on so hard while dancing rock that I was unable to walk and had to be carried down the stairs. It was the place with red-and-white checkered tablecloths, but it was a far cry from being a picnic. Regin was a place for serious dancing.

Regin closed the end of November 1998. The organizers moved their milongas to Re-Fa-Si at the corner of Entre Rios and Humberto Primo (now known as Lo de Celia Tango Club).

Carlos Borquez, Claudio Castello, Ariel Prilick, Omar Vega in front of the bar in Regin (April 1998)
Carlos Borquez, Claudio Castello, Ariel Prilick, Omar Vega in front of the bar in Regin (April 1998)


Regin with Carmencita Calderon

Regin with Carmencita Calderon

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