Roberto Segarra

September 16, 1920 – November 21, 2018

Roberto con su novia Olga Gomez en Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo

Roberto con su novia Olga Gomez


6 Responses to “Roberto Segarra”

  1. Romaine Says:

    … thé last Time I danced with Roberto, was at Obelisco tango.It was a tanda of valses . He surprised me dancing with so much energy.
    At thé end of thé tanda, Roberto asked me : “te mareaste?”… I had to recognize it and I answered (ashamed) : “yes!”.
    I saw in his eyes hé was happy of my answer.
    Then Hé smiled and laughed…

  2. Patricia Says:

    A gentleman with a palpable zest for life. He will be missed.

  3. tangogeoff Says:

    Hugs for you, Janis ❤️

  4. jantango Says:

    I received a phone call today from Roberto’s ex-girlfriend of many years, Olga Gomez. She went to his house for his address book so she could call his friends when she felt able to do so. She told me that Roberto was not feeling well on his birthday. Marta Fama (whose milonga he attended at Salon Rodriguez) went to see him at home. Roberto was out of breath and unable to walk. He was in a geriatric a short time and then finally in a hospital for his last three days. Olga said that all his family members lived to be 98 years old, and Roberto was no exception.

  5. Anja Says:

    Dear Janis, thank you and Olga Gomez a lot for this additional information about Roberto’s last weeks. I love a lot watching Roberto and Olga dancing together. A wonderfull couple, simple but absolutly with the music and with each other. All what tango should be. Abrazo grande

  6. Janet Rieck Says:

    Charming and sweet character. Sad to hear of his passing

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