Festival and World Cup 2015

If I wanted to see the semifinal rounds of the tango de pista competition, I would be standing in line now at La Usina del Arte in La Boca to get one of 1,700 tickets when they are handed out at 17 hs

The complete list of names for the qualifying rounds in the stage and dance floor categories were published with the list of semifinalists.

The stage category had 128 entries, of which only 25 made the cut to the semifinals.  The largest number of entries are from the provincias of Argentina (58) and the capital federal (27).  Other countries represented are Russia, Colombia, Italy, Japan, Brazil, France, Mexico, Holland, Bolivia, Chile, Switzerland, United States, Turkey, South Korea, Uruguay, and Spain.

The tango de pista had 286 entries, of which only 65 made the cut to the semifinals which includes 13 others from the city and regional competitions.  Again, the largest group of participants are from the provincias of Argentina (140).  The tango de pista category has many more countries represented: Russia, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, Singapore, Greece, Venezuela, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Italia, Uruguay, Canada, and Brazil with semifinalists; in addition, Peru, Turkey, Japan, Germany, United States, Slovenia, England, Switzerland, Philippines, Austria, Spain, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Chile, Belgium, Ecuador, France and Holland, making it a truly international competition.

Two couples from Detroit, Michigan and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had the guts to enter both categories.  The United States also had entries from Austin, Texas; Berkeley, California; and New York, New York, none of whom made the cut to the semifinals.

The festival includes free classes for the public.  Under the heading of “tango for exhibitions at dance clubs,” you can learn the styles of Milena Plebs, Juan Carlos Copes and Carlos Gavito that were taken from the dance floor to the stage.  In “new trends” you can learn to stretch the boundaries with freedom from roles.  And under “dance-floor tango,” in the days of the first milongueros, every step was a personal creation.  This legacy is passed on today by dancers following in their footsteps (therefore, no more personal creation, only copying).  Another class offers useful tips not to be intimidated by lack of space, even at the most crowded milonga (taught by someone who doesn’t go to the milongas).  A class on embrace and connection, empowered by a favorite orchestra among dancers, Carlos Di Sarli.  The “tango for stage” classes offer achieving a natural look in choreography; from improvisation to composition to find a personal style for stage; breaking the mold and finding new elements for choreography; guidelines for an inside-out creation process; blending tango dance with theater; the ABCs of stage tango; a guided choreographic laboratory; strategies for turning choreographic composition into a personal reflection; understanding the relationship of musical styles and choreographic styles.

See the finals live from Luna Park on August 26 (tango de pista) and August 27 (tango stage) at 19 hs.

4 Responses to “Festival and World Cup 2015”

  1. mamborambo Says:

    A few years ago there was a live video feed on the Mundial final, which all of us cheering on the sideline from our countries could watch. Do you know if there is any streaming this year, official or unofficial? It is kind of strange that, after they have put in that feature, to remove it in subsequent events.

  2. jantango Says:

    Go to the festival site by clicking on Luna Park above. I expect the live stream broadcast again this year.

    If you’re interested in the list of finalists, you can download it here
    Couples 473 and 203 are once again finalists in tango de pista for the third or fourth time.

  3. Tango22 Says:

    Festival website a disappointment – only 2 photos with pained / goopy looks and an upskirt. That’s what competition does.

  4. jantango Says:

    The live broadcast begins soon at http://festivales.buenosaires.gob.ar/es/home
    where you get a ring-side seat at Luna Park.

    There is a sign in the back of the theater stating —
    PROHIBIDO FILMAR LEY 1799/06 –which means filming is prohibited by law. It will be interesting to see how many videos show up on YouTube tomorrow. The ENTIRE PROGRAM will be available on the site for viewing.

    Celia Blanco, owner of Lo de Celia Tango Club, made a fantastic entrance on stage when she was introduced as one of the judges for the final competition. I said, WOW! when I saw her.

    Many VIPs are seated in the front row at Luna Park. I was surprised to see my friend milonguero Viejo OSVALDO CENTENO with Ana Maria Schapira. He participated in the campeonato several years ago.

    The four Russian couples are beautiful dancers. #368 in the second round stood out to me the most. Very sexy to say the least. I expect them to place in the TOP FIVE.

    The music selection for the rounds was great, thanks to Bibi La Falce.

    1,400 couples in 24 cities participated world-wide in the competition.

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