Milonga review: Milonga de Buenos Aires

Obelisco Tango

Milonga de Buenos Aires was the first to open on April19, 2013, in the new venue Obelisco Tango on Entre Rios 1056.  The organizers are Carlos Gallego and Lorena Bouzas.  I attended their milonga for the first time on August 21, 2015.

Before being seated, I went to change my shoes in the ladies’ room in the rear of the salon.  Lorena was nearby and asked if I had a regular place to sit.  This was the first time I saw Lorena, but she didn’t know that it was my first visit to her milonga.  I sat at the end of the long row of tables on the right side of the dance floor, close to the deejay booth.  I was in the corner where couples entered the floor.  The metal tube chairs are uncomfortable as always for me.

Hours: 18 to 3 hs.  Dancers arrive and depart in shifts every few hours.  I’m certain that no one stays for a marathon of 9 hours.


Floor:  It was replaced after six months of use.  The metal edge holding the plastic and wood portions together is hazardous.  I almost tripped as I returned to my table from the ladies’ room.  Dancers feel the irregularities in construction.  The venue hosts dance classes every day and milongas almost every night of the week, so it gets hard wear.

Sound System:  Better than I’ve heard from other deejays in Obelisco.

Lighting:  Red lights around the perimeter of the floor are new on the suspended ceiling.  This milonga uses bright lighting over the floor which I prefer to dimmed lighting like El Beso with a seductive atmosphere.

Deejay:  The best in Buenos Aires — Daniel Borelli.

Entrada:  Women 70 pesos – men pay 80 pesos

Seating:  Men have the left side of the floor, and women are on the right, both with aisle space behind the rows.  Small square tables seat as many as five uncomfortably.  The large section at the entrance has mixed tables.  These chairs take up less space and accommodate more dancers.

Dancers:  A mix of milongueros and foreigners.  The fancy footwork by female dancers who dance to impress was entertaining.  This is the milonga where you want to dress to impress as well.  A beautiful blond with gold lame stilettos provided most of my entertainment for the night with her constant adornments.  She worked so hard at dancing and had the perspiration to show for it.  A milonguera I know many years kept her feet quiet as always and focused on the music with her partners.  I’m sorry to say that minimalist dancing is falling by the wayside.  Teachers are making a living teaching another kind of tango.

Waitstaff:  Almost invisible.  I had to grab the waiter when he came close.  Bottled water is 27 pesos.  They serve a fixed-price dinner for 90 pesos.


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