July 1, 1937 at Marabú

This was the date and location of Aníbal Troilo’s debut with his orquesta.  The city legislature resolved to pay homage to this great musician with the placement of permanent plaque on the façade of the building.  The ceremony took place on Friday at Maipu 359 with performances of Troilo compositions by three singers and a presentation by author/poet Juan Jose Vieytes.  Those in attendance went to the street for the unveiling of the plaque and then to the corner of Corrientes and Esmeralda for another brief presentation by Sr. Vieytes (86) who shares his memories with tango.

Luis Zorz - fileteador


Juan Jose Vieytes (Chichin de Buenos Aires)

Chichin told us that the dancers at Teatro Maipo on Esmeralda would go to Marabú after their performances. 

Ricardo Marin and Juan Carlos Godoy (88)

Juan Carlos Godoy sings at La Casa de Anibal Troilo (Carlos Calvo 2540 in San Cristobal).  He and Ricardo Marin sang a duet during the homenaje that was fabulous.

This is the sign on the front of what was the cabaret Marabú and later known as Maracaibo until it closed ten years ago.


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