Toda Mi Vida

All My Life (1941)  Music by Aníbal Troilo – Lyrics by José María Contursi

4 Responses to “Toda Mi Vida”

  1. Homero Montalvo Says:

    Where did you find this music?, I can use such a source if it is available for arrangements by other composers! Thanks for all your fine work. Homero

  2. Enrique Madris Says:

    El padre del autor de la letra Pascual Contursi, es el inventor del tango canción, falleció trágicamente, en 1932, no pudo escuchar sus tangos. El
    primero de José María Contursi,se estrenó en 1934, (que nunca lo sepas)

    El padre, es el que introdujo el tema del amor en las letras de tango. Jose Maria Contursi,(Catunga) lo continó en sus composiciones, con la imágen del amor imposible, el amor no consumado, la nostalgia

    Este tango, lo estrenó Troilo, con la voz de Francisco Fiorentino, en los carnavales de 1941Troilo lo volvió a grabar en abril de 1971, con la voz de Roberto Goyeneche. Posteriormente en 1968, con su cuarteto, como instrumental

    English translation:
    The author’s father Pascuale Contursi, who invented the Tango Song, died tragically in 1932 and never got to hear his son’s compositions. The first one by Jose Maria Contursi was performed in 1934. The father introduced the subject of love in the lyrics of tango. Jose Maria (known as Catunga) continued his compositions with the image of impossible and perfect love and nostalgia. Troilo premiered this tango with Francisco Fiorentino at the carnavals in 1941. Troilo recorded it again in April 1971 with Roberto Goyeneche. Earlier in 1968, with his quartet played it as an instrumental.

  3. jantango Says:


    Thanks for the background information on this great tango.


  4. jantango Says:


    There is a little music shop on Montevideo 181 owned by Ana (D.I.M.I. Tel 4371 8103). She has photocopies for some tango that are out of print. A very small percentage of tangos were ever published. They had to be big hits before publishing houses would invest in them.


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