Back to normal?

The moment I opened my eyes this morning I began reflecting on my wonderful weekend agenda that included two symphony concerts and several hours walking in the forest of Palermo Park.  The three days included what were once my regular activities.  I was so happy being in the moment.

I was so excited about the Friday concert in Teatro Colon by the Orquesta Filarmonica that I had to tell my neighbor Carlos about it when I met him at the corner.  He and his wife Cathy love attending concerts as much as I do.  I told him that the program was all French composers — Faure, Ravel, and Bizet.  Tickets were not necessary to see this live concert.   It was live streamed on YouTube.  When the final work on the program began, I was delighted to see a young oboist who I’ve gotten to know over the past few years.  Paula was finally on camera, so I took this screen shot of her.  She is living my dream.  I enjoy attending concerts, but watching online is the best way to see the soloists.

When I saw the forecast for Saturday was 69F and sunny, I immediately decided that my priority for the day would be a walk in the park and forest in Palermo, my favorite place to commune with nature.  The bus had to take a detour to avoid the protest demonstrators walking along Avenida Rivadavia.  Traffic was at a standstill, so I got off the bus and walked past the marchers to the subway station.  I took the train to the end of the line and started walking in the direction of Palermo.  It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a long walk.  People came out to enjoy the day after being used to staying indoors for many months.  It was a like a spring day in the middle of winter.  All I could do was thank Pachamama (Mother Earth).

After more than an hour, I finally arrived at the park where I used to walk every Saturday on this path with joggers, bicyclists, and walkers.

I didn’t stop walking until I arrived in my favorite part of the forest that is lined with Tipa trees.  In a few months the trees will be full of yellow blooms that grace this path.  I walked all afternoon in the park and forest, enjoying all the beauty that Pachamama provided.  The tree is full bloom attracted lots of bumble bees.

On my agenda for Sunday was another concert at Teatro Colon, this time with the Orquesta Estable de Teatro Colon with an all Beethoven concert including a violin concierto performed by the concert master and the 4th symphony.  The excellent camera work provides a close up of all the musicians during the performance.  It was truly amazing. I never tire of Beethoven.  I enjoyed every minute of the 90 minute concert.  I had a front row seat at home in front of my notebook.  It was a perfect way to end the weekend with music that feeds the soul and spirit.  Culture is alive and well in Buenos Aires.

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