Festival and Mundial 2015

What a great show!  I could view the entire three-hour live broadcast with only a few short breaks in transmission. They recorded the program for viewing on the site, so don’t worry if you missed it.

The new tango de pista champions are #229 Jonathan Saavedra and Clarisa Aragon from Cordoba, Argentina.  The four rounds concluded after 90 minutes, followed by a half hour show by Raul Garello and his orchestra, followed by a composite of video clips from earlier festivals.

The Maestros Milongueros were a hit.  Watch the video. First to take the stage were Ana Maria Schapira and my milonguero friend of many years Osvaldo Vicente Centeno. Others were Julio Duplaa and his wife Elsa (in white skirt), Maria Cieri (blue dress) (Rodolfo Cieri’s widow) and partner, Los Alonsos, El Gallego Manolo (missing his wife Martha Anton), Eduardo Pareja and Laura Grandi, Carlos Perez and his wife Rosa, Chiche and Martha, Nely Fernando (without Pocho) and Jose Luis Ferraro, Eduardo Masci and Claudia Codega (red dress), Blanca Biscochea and El Puchu, dancing to La Yumba by Osvaldo Pugliese.

Then all the 41 couples returned to the stage for the announcement of the top five couples.  Fifth place: #275 Jakarta, Indonesia; Fourth place: #475 St. Petersburg, Russia (and not my favorites from Moscow #368); Third place: #193 from Buenos Aires; Second place: #11 who won the Milongueros of the World title earlier in the year.

All the ladies wore lovely dresses by Mimi Pinzon (that women everywhere will be buying after the fashion show and never seen in the milongas) with their hair securely tied and pinned for stage (unlike the big hairdos worn in the milongas and played with between dances).  Splayed left hands were common, as was stage makeup.  The music was strictly for the milonga, but some couples danced the same to D’Arienzo and Di Sarli or Tanturi and Pugliese.  There is a different in musical style from each orchestra requiring a different dance style.

Each round had one Russian couple in the group, and they all had something special.  The St. Petersburg couple (2nd in the semifinals) placed 4th over the three couples from Moscow.

Everyone watching the show on live broadcast had the best seat in the house.   The site was live a half hour before the show started, so you could see Luna Park gradually filling up.

I’m sorry to say that the two seniors couples didn’t have a chance against all the young ones, but they won the right to be there.  What a thrill to dance on stage in Luna Park!

The music: round 1 – D’Agostino/D’Arienzo/Di Sarli; round 2 – D’Arienzo/Di Sarli/Pugliese; round 3 – Fresedo/D’Arienzo/Di Sarli; round 4 –  Tanturi/Troilo/Pugliese.  Rhythmic and lyrical contrasts in each one.

The stage competition is tomorrow night.  Don’t miss it.  Figure out your local time when it’s 19 hs in Buenos Aires.

One Response to “Festival and Mundial 2015”

  1. jantango Says:

    I didn’t know that the stage competition was scheduled for 18 hs BA time. I went to the website at 18,45 and the live broadcast screen never opened, probably due to a heavy demand from viewers around the world.

    I talked with Osvaldo Centeno tonight about dancing on stage in Luna Park. He said his daughter and grandson were there to see him on stage.

    And the winners are Ezekiel Lopez and Camila Alegre from San Fernando, Prov. Buenos Aires.
    You can view their performance in La Usina del Arte: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oSyablBtvU

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