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Adan Deslous

October 8, 2008

October 8, 1940 —

Several years ago Adan and his wife Nilda went regularly to Lo de Celia on Saturday nights.  I had the opportunity to talk with them about tango.  Adan told me that his tango doesn’t include more than five steps.  Watching them dancing together was a pleasure.  They live in Villa Urquiza, and Salon Canning in Palermo is their favorite place for Saturday night.  I’ll never get to dance with Adan, because all his tandas are reserved for Nilda.

Enrique Rosich

October 7, 2008
Julio and Enrique (2001)

Julio and Enrique (2001)

October 7, 1938 — February 9, 2009

Enrique organizes the Milonga de los Consagrados which is held on Saturdays in Centro Region Leonesa.  He recently celebrated the sixth anniversary of his milonga.  It was first held in Italia Unita and later in Lo de Celia.  There in Lo de Celia it was the best milonga of the week.  Then the fire at Cromagnon occurred and everything changed.  Lo de Celia was closed for nine months, and Enrique had to find a new location. 

Enrique suffered a stroke a few years ago.  He hasn’t been able to dance which is a real loss for all the women who got to dance with him.  I had the pleasure of many tandas with Enrique.  I remember when I practically dropped to my knees after a tanda with him.  What a feeling!

February 13, 2009 :  I learned today that Enrique passed on last Sunday, February 9.  He shall be missed.

Hugo Rojas

October 4, 2008

October 4, 1934 —

Hugo had been living in Spain with his son for several years and returned to Buenos Aires about six years ago. He went regularly to Club Caribean, El Arranque, and Lo de Celia, among many other places.

Hugo and Alito shared an apartment near Centro Cultural San Martin for a couple years. The last few years we lived in the same neighborhood, and our paths crossed on the street. The economy in Argentina forced him to make the difficult decision to move to Marvella, Spain, where his son lives and where there are no milongas.

When Pedro Sanchez ran a practica in Salon Carpanel four years ago, Hugo went to help out by dancing with the ladies.  Hugo doesn’t know that footage of his dancing in Club Sunderland was included in the documentary film “Café de Los Maestros.” He left Buenos Aires on July 7, before I saw the film and could tell him about it. I gave him my email so that his son could let me know how he is doing. I’m hoping to hear from him.



Luis Trapasso

September 30, 2008
Luis in Lo de Celia (Sept 2001)

Luis in Lo de Celia (Sept 2001)

February 20, 1941 —

Luis hasn’t been present at his milonga Entre Tango y Tango for several weeks.  He had major surgery in August.  While he is recuperating, others are in charge of Wednesdays and Fridays in Centro Region Leonesa.

Luis has organized other milongas–La Portenita in Salon Kass and one in Mi Club on Suipacha for a very short time with Ricardo Suarez.  He began Entre Tango y Tango in Lo de Celia, then moved to Leonesa and later in Plaza Bohemia.  He returned last year to Centro Region Leonesa.

Of all the large salons in Buenos Aires, his milonga on Fridays has the highest level of dancing with milongueros.  This is the place where Hugo Belvisi, Roberto Bonavato, Osvaldo Centeno, Miguel Angel Balbi, Alito Candamil, Ricardo Suarez, Carlos Alberto Rodriguez, and Pedro Sanchez go to dance.

Rodolfo Cesar Indegno

September 27, 2008

May 8, 1931—September 23, 2008

I will never be able to hear a tango of Juan D’Arienzo without thinking of Rodolfo. That was his favorite orchestra with singer Alberto Echague.

Rodolfo was born in Villa Urquiza and danced as a young man in all the downtown confiterias and cabarets of Buenos Aires. He served as a pilot in the Air Force for 25 years. I got to know more about him during visits the last three months of his life. He lived the last several years in a geriatric center where he was able to come and go as he pleased.

Rodolfo died single with no surviving family. He had one female companion who took care of him for many years. She arranged for his burial at Chacarita cemetery. I accompanied her to his gravesite on Wednesday morning.

Rodolfo disappeared from the milongas during June, but returned on July 9 to Lo de Celia when he felt better. He danced that day for the very last time.


Hector Guaraldi

September 21, 2008

September 21, 1936 —

I danced with “Coco” last week in Lo de Celia.  He was surprised that I remembered his name and that his birthday was coming up soon.  We danced a tanda of Carlos Di Sarli, and it was wonderful.

He has been teaching with Susana Minana before her milongas on Thursday and Sunday evening in Salon El Pial where there is a crowd of 400+.  El Pial has one of the largest dance floors in Buenos Aires, so there is always room to dance.

Roberto Segarra

September 16, 2008

September 16, 1920 —

Roberto SegarraHe is nothing short of amazing on the dance floor. I first met Roberto and his dance partner in February 2007, when I attended Susana’s milonga in Salon El Pial. They invited me to their table to ask me where I’m from since it was obvious that I was the only foreigner. That started an interesting conversation with Roberto who admitted his age. They were two of the best dancers at Susana’s milonga. They placed thirteenth in the finals of the II Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango Salon, but only made it to the semifinal round of the VI Campeonato Metropolitano when they danced at Club Sunderland in June 2008.

Roberto goes regularly to dance at Lo de Celia, and he dances every tanda.  I danced with him one night in Cabrera Soho. I was out of breath at the end of a vals tanda, but he wasn’t.  You wouldn’t believe how strong he is. He goes to the milongas daily and dances for hours. He told me that he is celebrating his birthday with his son and grandson.

Roberto had his driver’s license renewed for another year and is learning how to use a computer!

Anibal Serena

August 3, 2008

August 3, 1932–

AnibalIf you happen to see a pickup truck with the name “Milonguita II” parked in front of a milonga, Anibal is there dancing.  He has two vehicles that are named Milonguita I and II.  I dance with him  Wednesday and Sunday evenings in Lo de Celia.

Tonight at Lo de Celia he was in a good mood for his birthday, although he Anibal's truckleft early before Celia could announce to everyone that it was Anibal’s birthday.  He keeps on dancing and is in good health.  His table is by the window where he sits alone.  He’s always ready with a joke and a smile.  He manuevers easily on a crowded floor and takes care of his partners.

Juan Carlos Oviedo

July 20, 2008

July 9, 1935–

Two years ago Juan Carlos was a co-organizer of Tanguisimo, a milonga held on Wednesdays in Lo de Celia.  Today he is living in a geriatric center in Villa Ballester after suffering a stoke a year ago.  He is unable to walk or even talk and is undergoing intensive rehabilitation.  I waited to speak with someone who visited him on his birthday before writing about him.  I tried to reach family at his cell number, but it is no longer in use.  A couple years ago he had a heart attack and returned to the milongas in a very short time.

Juan Carlos is a warm and gentle man who always had a smile for everyone.  I had the pleasure of many tandas with him on Sundays in Lo de Celia.  His recovery will take time.  I just hope that he will be able to return someday to the milongas where he is missed.

photo credit: B. A. Tango–Buenos Aires Tango

Dos flacos milongueros

May 8, 2008

Rodolfo Cesar Indegno (May 8, 1931 –September 23, 2008)

He is small and very thin, has never married and has no children to his knowledge, as he likes to joke. He has a reserved front row table in Lo de Celia where he danced regularly at least twice a week. He lives in the neighborhood of Chacarita. Two weeks ago, we danced a vals tanda before the floor was crowded. It was fabulous. All we could do was smile at one another.  At least he can still smile.  He is dying of inoperable lung cancer due to a heart condition. 

P.S. 9/23/08 –I danced for the last time with him on July 9, 2008.  Shortly thereafter, he was hospitalized and died on September 23.  His friend and companion Beatriz was with him.  She went faithfully every day to see Rodolfo in the hospital.  He had good days and bad days.  I saw him for the last time three days before he died, and he didn’t recognize me.  I knew that he was close to the end. 

We had conversations during times when he was feeling better in the hospital.  I learned that Rodolfo served for 25 years in the Air Force.  His favorite orchestra was Juan D’Arienzo with Alberto Echague.


Ernesto Hector Garcia (May 8, 1936 –)

He’s known as “El Flaco Dany” and could be called the Fred Astaire of Tango. He is slim and always smartly dressed in a double-breasted suit and tie. His specialty is milonga con traspie that he has taught in Italy and the United States. I saw him last Friday night at Salon Canning where he was singing more than dancing. I listened while he and Eduardo “El Nene” Masci sang the tangos they know and love so much. When the Miami festival organizer wrote me about inviting a milonguero, Dany was the one I arranged for her to hire. He went for three consecutive years to the Miami Beach festival to teach and perform. He lives in the family home in Villa Urquiza, not far from Club Sunderland, where he celebrates his birthday. Dany may be 72, but his dance partners are usually less than half his age.