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Jose Alberto Scapafino

January 23, 2009

jose-alberto-scapafinoI searched the tango magazines for a photo since I don’t have one,  and I found this in El Tangauta.  He is another milonguero who has disappeared from the milongas.  I remember dancing with him in Italia Unita and Lo de Celia.  I have seconds of his dancing on video at Club Caribean where Laura Grinbank and Elisa Fardella ran their milonga Las Mireyas. 

Beto Ayala once told me that Jose Alberto was known as Pepino in the milongas.  He was short and plump, but how he danced to Troilo!

Italia Unita

January 22, 2009

italia-unita-balvaneraThis magnificent structure, located at Tte. Gral. Juan D. Peron 2543 in the wholesale shopping district of El Once, was built in 1878.  I went to dance there on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons in 1999 where Ruben Harymbat, Enrique Rosich, and Enrique Ferreira started Milonga de los Consagrados.  Felix Picherna was the deejay in those days.  I recall dancing there with so many wonderful dancers.  The milonga lasted only a few months because of problems with management.  The building was eventually closed for renovation in October 2000 and was returned to its original splendor.  It was the last place where Juan D’Arienzo performed in the 1970s.  Today it is known as Sabor a Tango, where a nightly dinner tango show is presented in the Palazzo Rossini (named after the Italian composer).  Salon Italia Unita and Salon Agusteo (Sarmiento 1374) were two milongas during the 1950s for 35-50 year-old dancers according to milonguero Miguel Angel Balbi.




Milonga de los Consagrados in Italia Unita (November 1999) photo by Lisa Penninger

Milonga de los Consagrados in Italia Unita (November 1999) photo by Lisa Penninger