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Carlos Di Sarli

January 6, 2009

January 7, 1903 — January 12, 1960

Carlos Di Sarli is called “Lord of Tango” for good reason.  He was a pianist, composer, and orchestra leader who left a rich legacy.

I used a cassette tape of Di Sarli recordings for my tango classes in Chicago, but it wasn’t until I heard more of his recordings in the milongas of Buenos Aires that I learned to appreciate the greatness of his artistry.  The deejay at my favorite milonga knows that I wait patiently for the Di Sarli tandas.  Dancing one tanda of Di Sarli with a milonguero is enough to satisfy me for the night.  The other day I danced a tanda of Di Sarli, ending with Junto a tu corazon (Hoy como ayer).  I love this tango so much that I had to buy the sheet music with lyrics

Di Sarli never allowed anyone to film him while he played piano with the orchestra nor did he notate his elaborate piano improvisations.   They were painstakingly transcribed from recordings.  Today is it possible to experience Di Sarli’s unique style at the piano as it is recreated by Guillermo Durante, pianist since 1982 with Orquesta Tipica Gente de Tango in Buenos Aires. 


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