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Clubes de barrio

March 6, 2009

club-social-y-deportivo-juventud-de-belgranoClub Social y Deportivo Juventud de Belgrano — Virrey Aviles 3153 in Belgrano R

This was one of many neighborhood clubs where orchestras performed on Saturday nights in the 1940s. Miguel Angel Balbi went there regularly in the 1950s.

club-atletico-velez-sarsfield-versallesClub Atlético Veléz Sarsfield — Rivadavia 7867

My first tango teacher was Danel who taught in New York City and now is enjoying his retirement in Phoenix, Arizona.  This is one of the clubs where he danced as a teenager before moving to the USA.  The photo isn’t the actual club where he danced in the 1940s, but the new existing stadium.

club-atletico-defensores-de-chacaritaClub Atlético Defensores de Chacarita — Elcano 3831 — Chacarita

Amanda Lucero and Rodolfo Cesar Indegno mentioned this club as one of their favorite places to dance.  The club no longer holds dances.


Gaona 1327 (1996)Club Social y Deportivo Buenos Aires — Avenida Gaona 1327 and Av. San Martin in Caballito

This is a photo from 1996 before the building was demolished.  Miguel Angel Balbi told me that he went regularly on Sunday nights in the 1950s when dances were held in the outdoor soccer court.  My friend Diana sighed when I mentioned Club Buenos Aires where she danced in the 1990s.

Dante Cespi was the organizer at Club Social y Deportivo Buenos Aires.  He was introduced one night by Oscar Hector Malagrino at Club Glorias Argentinas in July 2003, so I took the opportunity to ask him about how dances used to be.  He was 83 years old then and recalled when 78rpm records were all they had for dances.

club-telegrafo-y-crisol-unidos-parque-chacabucoClub Telegrafo y Crisol Unidos –Saraza 951 — Parque Chacabuco

This is the club where Osvaldo Centeno attended a practica with other boys in the neighborhood.

Milongas are held at this club.