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Aurelio Raul Filippini

September 9, 2010

September 9, 1927 —

Lito and his wife Lidia were the first couple I filmed dancing an exhibition. They celebrated their anniversary on July 30, 2000, in Club Bailable Juvenil dancing a vals.  I finally made a DVD of that exhibition and gave it to them for their 46th anniversary this year.

Jose Luis Aceto

January 12, 2009

January 12, 1935 —


We share the same nickname Pichi in the milongas (although I stopped using it four years ago).  We were introduced several years ago when Club Juvenil was the place where the milongueros danced on Saturday nights.  I danced with him in Lo de Celia where he went regularly.    

Pichi can be found on Sundays in Salon Canning with his friend Jorge Orellana, but he is no longer able to dance.  That has been the case for about two years.  We can’t imagine how painful it is for a milonguero to be listening to tango and unable to dance.

Jose Luis Aceto, Nestor Leon, Pedro Sanchez & Horacio in Club Caribean (July 2001)

Jose Luis Aceto, Nestor Leon, Pedro Sanchez & Horacio in Club Caribean (July 2001)

Catalina Feldberg

December 19, 2008


December 20, 1938 —

She was known in the milongas as Greta.  She went every Saturday night to Club Juvenil until it closed in 2001.  There hasn’t been another milonga like it.  I filmed Greta dancing with milongueros.

One night several years ago in Lo de Celia, Alito asked if I had Greta’s telephone number.  I told him that I did.  He introduced me to Jorge who said that he wanted to call her.  They had known each other during their teenage years.  I checked first with Greta about giving her telephone to Jorge.  She said it was fine.  Later I heard more of the story.  Greta and Jorge knew each other when they were 16 and 19 years old.  They went their separate ways.  Greta married and had a family. After fifty years, Jorge called Greta.  They were reunited.  I took this photo of them on August 17, 2003, when they were in Lo de Celia.  They have been together ever since.

Rodolfo Brizuela

December 9, 2008

rodolfo-brizuelaMay 15, 1932 — ?

Rodolfo is another milonguero who has disappeared from the milongas.  He went to dance every Saturday night in Club Juvenil on Corrientes until it closed.  Then he went regularly to dance in Lo de Celia where I snapped this photo of him five years ago.  He always had a folded handkerchief in his left hand when he danced.  He lived outside the capital federal which meant he traveled an hour or more to dance.

Miguel Angel Balbi

November 28, 2008

miguel-angel-balbi2Nov. 29, 1937–

I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I hadn’t met Miguel on October 15, 1999, in Club Gricel where I was seated next to the milongueros’ table.  Miguel invited me to dance vals.  Although I had never seen him dance, I took a chance and accepted.  That was the beginning of our relationship and my milonga training.

As a young boy, Miguel Angel was exposed to tango in the conventillo where his family lived.  He learned tangos listening to family members sing and began dancing at 11 with his mother.  His uncle Carlos escorted him to his first dance at a downtown confiteria on his 14th birthday. 


Isabel Garcia y Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel met Isabel Nelida Garcia (“Chuni”) at Club Monte Carlo on Corrientes and Libertad where afternoon dances were attended by school teachers.  They married five years later in January 1962 and had two sons Nestor and Aldo. 

Miguel Angel has sung in Oscar Hector’s show “Milonguisimo” at Confiteria Ideal for several years.  During June/July 2002, he recorded a CD which I encouraged him to do.  When he sings “El Conventillo,” he is singing what he has lived.  Miguel Angel sings more than he dances these days now that his milonguero friends are no longer dancing regularly. 

His favorite orchestra is Carlos Di Sarli.  Miguel went to the cabaret Chantecler when Di Sarli celebrated twenty-five years with his orchestra.  When he hears a vals by Di Sarli, Miguel Angel is inspired to dance.  I had the pleasure of dancing every Saturday night with him at Club Bailable Juvenil on Corrientes during the year 2000 where I filmed the dancing.

Aurelio Raul Filippini

September 9, 2008
September 9, 1928 –
 If elegance applies to tango, Lito and Lidia Filippini are the couple who set the standard. I first saw them dancing every Saturday night in Club Bailable Juvenil eight years ago. In July 2000, they were celebrating their anniversary and permitted me to film them dancing an exhibition.
They are the 2004 champions of the Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango de Salon and danced in the finals of the Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango the same year, but the top prize was given to the couple who placed second in the Campeonato Metropolitano. Lito and Lidia (Lidia Delia Nasra) were robbed of the world title that should have been theirs.  See their exquisite dancing in this video.