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Ricardo Eduardo Cacheiro

March 23, 2009

March 22, 1929 — September 30, 2010

On January 9, 2001, after the milonga at Lo de Celia, I invited Ricardo and Alito to join me at a cafe on Independencia and Entre Rios to film them talking about their lives in tango.  I didn’t understand what they said at the time of the recording, but I treasure hearing what they said in that hour conversation.  Ricardo is another on the list of milongueros who have disappeared from the milongas.  He moved down south to Villa Gesell several years ago.

Ricardo began dancing tango at 17 with girls in the neighborhood.  He went to dance at Club Huracán in Parque Patricios, Club Oeste, and Club Premier in Caballito.  He said, in part:

If you like tango, you feel tango, you love tango.  When you love tango, your heart lives.  We milongueros can spend all night at the table having a drink and just listening to the music.  Tango for us is primordial. When we’re at home, we turn on the radio to listen to tango.  Tango for me is horrible!!!  I feel it so much.  Dancers like tango; milongueros need to listen to tango, to eat tango.  At this moment, tango is the culmination of my life.  I want to die listening to tango.  I can go to a dance, have a drink and feel nostalgic while listening to the music.  A milonguero loves tango more than any woman.


Clubes de barrio

March 5, 2009

circulo-social-y-deportivo-sin-rumbo-villa-urquizaCirculo Social y Deportivo Sin Rumbo — Tamborini 6157 – Villa Urquiza

The entrance wall is full of photographs of tango personalities who have been to the club.  For almost 90 years it has been a traditional place to dance, known as La Catedral del Tango.  The only occasion I went there was in July  2002, for a special event organized by Oscar Hector Malagrino.  Julio Dupláa and his wife organize Friday nights where they provide traditional tango music.


Club América del Sud
Francisco Bilbao 3760
Parque Avellaneda

They have a salon with a wood floor for their regular Saturday night dances that have been held for many years.






Club Atlético Huracán Av. Caseros 3159 Parque Patricios

This club’s history dates back to 1903.  During the 1940s dances were held on Saturdays.  Ernesto Jorge De Gouvea once told me that he would give his right index finger to have one night the way it was at Club Huracán.  It must have been very special for him.  Dances were held ten years ago in the confiteria of the club.




Asociación de Fomento y Biblioteca Popular Mariano Acosta
Mariano Acosta 1544
Parque Avellaneda

Saturday night dances






Club Social y Deportivo  Estudiantes del Norte
Holmberg 4070

Dances haven’t been held in this club since March 2000. Saavedra was the neighborhood of tango singer Roberto Goyaneche.