Ezeiza Airport transportation


Osvaldo Centeno (“El Oso”) is well known in the milongas, and you’ll spot him in El Beso and Obelisco Tango. He is the only one I call when tango friends need transportation from the airport. His grandson Nicolas went along with us to Ezeiza when my friend returned to Italy.

Osvaldo charges 450 AP ($30USD) which includes the highway tolls.  If you send me your flight info, address in BsAs and photo, and I will arrange for Osvaldo to meet you at Ezeiza.  He drives a silver 4-door Chevrolet Classic license plate KDX410.  Or you can call him yourself to make arrangements.  His home phone is 4201 2859.

Jasmine Styles and Osvaldo at Ezeiza

DSCN3423 - ready for takeoff at Ezeiza

All that luggage on the cart and four people fit into Osvaldo’s car.  I don’t know how we did it.

Arrivals from Hong Kong in Osvaldo's car



Argentine Customs has provided an information page for travelers in English about luggage contents, registering electronics, dollars, etc.

Useful travel information

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