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Cumbre de tango

June 28, 2014

The playlist for today’s program at noon includes some orchestras never played in the milongas.  We welcome your comments.

Juan D’Arienzo with Alberto Echague

1- Ansiedad – (Gorrindo y Moro 1938)

2- Pensalo bien (Visciglio y Lopez1938)

3- No mientas – Hector Varela  (H Marco-y Letero 1938)


Miguel Caló

4- Valsecito with Arrieta (Carlos Bahr y M Caló (4-09-45)

5- Bohardilla  with Raul Iriarte (Blasi y H Sanguinetti 9/4/44)

6- Cuento azul with Iriarte (Osmar Maderna y Nels 10/6/43)

chat – LA ORQUESTA DE LAS ESTRELLAS (the orchestra of the stars)

Alfredo De Angelis

7- La mañana   with Martel (M Bucino 9/1/45)

8- Del pasado  with Dante-Martel (Alfredo Marino 13/11/45)


Aldo Calderón with Spitalnik

9- Pobre de ellos  (H Marco 10/7/52)

10- Mientras cae el telón (F Tell y Juan Pueblito (9/2/53)

GRANDES CANTORES (great singers)

Carlos Di Sarli with Alberto Podestá

11-Motivo sentimental – (Emilio Bramieri y Carlos Bahr)

12-Yo soy aque viajero  – (Hector Grane y R.Thompson – 28/5/47)

13-Junto a tu corazón –  (Francini y J M Contursi 23/6/42)

14- Otra noche  (R Sciamarela (13/4/44)


Osvaldo Pugliese

15- Gente amiga  (Pugliese y Spitalnik 1958)

16-A mis compañeros – (Osvaldo Ruggiero 1956)

17-La revancha – Pedro Laurenz (16/6/72)

18- Tinta roja – (S Piana y C. Castillo (25/4/72)


19- Estaño  – Raul Kaplun  (Ziellia y Ceitilin1950)

20- Siempre a punto – Juan Canaro (Juan Canaro1954)

21- Griseta – Los astros del tango   (E Delfino y Jose G Castillo1958)

RESCATE (means to rescue)

22- Para que te quiero tanto – Domingo Federico with Vidal (J Larenza y C. Castillo 9/7/45)

23- Voz de barrio – D. Federico/Larroca (E Gaudino y Victor Brania 22/10/45)

24- Música en tu corazón     D. Federico/C Vidal  (G Clasi y A Leiva 4/4/46)


Osmar Maderna

25- Lluvia de estrellas  (O Maderna (4/6/48)

26- Plomo with O. Verri (Luis Rubestein (30/5/47)

27- Charamusca  – (Francisco Canaro (21/7/49)


Cumbre de tango

June 21, 2014

Here is the playlist for today at noon BA Time on Radio Lexia.

Alfredo De Angelis

1- Como se muere de amor – with Floreal Ruiz (Daniel Alvarez)

2-  Rosicler – with Julio Martel (Jose Basso-Fco. Garcia Jimenez)

3-  En tus brazos  – Oscar Larroca  (Marvil y C Zarate)


Carlos Di Sarli

4-  Indio Manso – instrumental (Hector Quesada)

5-  Un tango y nada mas – with Jorge Duran (A Lacava/J Pomati y Carlos Wais)

6-  Tu íntimo secreto – with Jorge Duran (Graciano Gomez-Hector Marcó)

7-  No está – with Alberto Podesta (Jose Bohr)


8- El adios – Edgardo Donato  (Donato)

9-  El acomodo – Donato  (Donato)

10- Poema – Francisco Canaro (Enrique Marini)


Osvaldo Pugliese

11- Cafetin – with Moran (A Galvan/Homero Espósito)

12-  Amiga –  with Roberto Chanel  (C. Vivan y H. Sanguinetti)

13-  La bordona  (Emilio Balcarce)

14-  Verano Porteño  (Astor Piazzolla)


Alfredo Gobbi

15- Si sos brujo  – Alfredo Gobbi  (Emilio Balcarce)

16-  Jueves – (Rossi y Toranzo)

17-  Independiente Club-  (A. Bardi)

18-  Orlando Goñi  – (Alfredo Gobbi)


Ricardo Tanturi

19- Oigo tu voz – with Enrique Campos (Mario Canaro y Fco. Garcia Jimenez)

20-  Una emoción – with Campos (Raul Kaplan y J Maria Suñe)

21-  Moneda de cobre with Alberto Castillo  (C Vivan-H. Sanguinetti)


Jorge Caldara

22- Medias de seda  (Jose Bohr y Caruso)

23- No está  (Jose Bohr)


24- De puro curda     Jose Basso with Alfredo Belusi  (C Olmedo- Abel Aznar)

25- No me hablen de ella   –  Hector Varela with Rolo Lezica (Jorge Moreira)

26- Lorenzo  – Alberto Mancione (Agustin Bardi)


Juan D’Arienzo

27- El puntazo  (Alejandro Junnissi)

28- El vino triste  with A Laborde (Juan D’Arienzo y Manuel Romero)


Cumbre de tango

June 14, 2014

The playlist for today’s program at noon on Radio Lexia or here.

1- Taconeando —  Osvaldo Berlingjhieri
2- La casita de mis viejos

Cortina- Joyas

3 – Dos fracasos  — Miguel Caló
4 – Que te importa que te llore
5- Lejos de Buenos Aires
6- Una tarde cualquiera

Cortina- Orquesta Típica
7- Abandono  — Pedro Laurenz
8- Al verla pasar
9- Que nunca me falte
10-Como el hornero
Cortina- El rescate
11- La mañana   —  Alfredo De Angelis
12- Todos te quieren  — Angel D’Agostino
13- Con permiso  — Anibal Troilo
Cortina – Segmento dedicado a las milongas
14- Solamente ella  — Carlos Di Sarli
15- Cosas de tango
16- Para que te quiero tanto
17- Gracias
Cortina- El Señor del tango- P/ Viruta al piso

18- El Rodeo     Osvaldo Pugliese
19- Raza criolla ( El taita)
20- El paladín
21- El tábano

Cortina- Espacio p/ la estrella del programa

22- El último organito  — Anibal Troilo/Edmundo Rivero
23- El milagro
24- Tapera
Cortina- Segmento Cantores
25- La vi llegar   — Enrique Rodriguez
26- Suerte loca
27- Y así nació este tango
Final- Despedida

Cumbre de tango

June 7, 2014

I solved a mystery.  I haven’t been able to listen to the program until today.  That’s because I didn’t have the correct link.  You can listen now.  The program began only minutes ago.

Cumbre de tango

May 24, 2014

Carlos Fanel, Tito Aquino and Jantango in the studio of Mundo Sur FM

Carlos Fanel and Tito Aquino have found a new home for Cumbre de tango.  They begin the third year of the program today at noon (BA time) on Radio Lexia (with video).  The audio portion is available on YouTube.


March 4, 2014


Yesterday and today are holidays in Argentina for Dia de Carnaval.  Children are about ready to return to school this week after three months of vacation.  Teachers usually go on strike for a salary increase which delays school openings.  Carnaval is the last party night for all.

Carnaval means dozens of street vendors are selling aerosol cans of white foam.  Kids are covered with it and having a ball spraying their friends.

Carnaval brings out the Murga dancers in their elaborate costumes.  The corner of Boedo and Carlos Calvo was the scene last night.  I arrived just in time to maneuver through the crowd and find a spot in front of the stage where Ariel Ardit and his Orquesta Tipica performed while a few couples danced tango on the street.  He featured the compositions of Anibal Troilo from his latest compact disc.  This was another preview of what’s in store for the Troilo Centennial in July.

Ariel Ardit commented how tango as popular music should be available to the public in more free concerts.  That got a big round of applause.

Cumbre de tango

February 16, 2014

After three weeks of technical problems at Mundo Sur resulting in cancelled broadcasts, Tito Aquino and Carlos Fanel are moving to a new location with Cumbre de Tango.  They’ve kept their plans secret from me so far, so stay tuned for further information.

Memory test

January 12, 2014

It began as a mental review of dancing at Lo de Celia, making note of all tandas I danced — with whom and which orchestra, and when I can remember, specific titles.  It has turned into my short-term memory test after every milonga.

I decided to wait until Monday to write my list from one Sunday’s milonga and see how I did on my memory test a day later.

Osvaldo Pugliese Orquesta with Julio Fortunato — I arrived at my table when the tanda started, and I was greeting my table companion Margarita.  His big smile in my direction was difficult to miss.  I don’t care what music is playing when Julio looks my way — I want to dance with him.  His embrace is divine.  After the first tune, I recognized it was Pugliese which I prefer listening to instead of dancing.  Julio said that the milonga is where he can forget about all his problems at work and where he feels no pain.

Anibal Troilo Orquesta (’41) with Jorge De Gouvea — We usually dance milonga con traspie, but he invited me for tango after the first tune.  I didn’t recognize the orquesta as Troilo with Fiorentino, so I asked Erwin the deejay.  Then Jorge caught my attention to dance.

Juan D’Arienzo valses with Humberto Morales —  He’s hidden behind the front row of men on the opposite corner of the floor.  I’m so glad he came over.  He said, I almost have to send you a letter to dance with you.

Chacarera with Margarita who joins me at my table.  This is the only time I do the man’s role in a dance!

Carlos Di Sarli Orquesta (’50) with Tito Aquino — This tanda is reserved for Tito.

Juan D’Arienzo/Hector Maure with Jorge De Gouvea —  I  know it’s impossible for Jorge to stay seated during this tanda.  I looked in his direction.  The energy was incredible.

Dixieland Jazz  with Julio Alejo — If Graciela isn’t at the milonga, I know that Julio will invite me for jazz.  He doesn’t mind that I sing the tunes I know so well.

A night is complete for me with Di Sarli and Troilo tangos, and D’Arienzo valses.

Cumbre de tango

December 22, 2013

This is Tito’s playlist for today’s program.

Fulvio Salamanca
Todo corazón
La Cachila
Canaro en Paris
Two recordings of Todo recorded a month apart:
Carlos Di Sarli with Roberto Rufino 04 Nov 1943
Pedro Laurenz with Alberto Podestá  09 Dec 1943
Jose Basso
Ahí va el dulce
Pajaro Azul
Juan D’Arienzo with Alberto Echague
Y suma y sigue
Seamos amigos
Carlos Di Sarli with Jorge Duran
Solamente ella
Para que te quiero tanto
No esperaba verta mas
Osvaldo Pugliese
Tierra querida
Buen amigo
Mala junta
Angel D’Agostino with Angel Vargas
Hay que vivirla compadre
No creas
No vendrá
Two solo interpretations:
Oscar Alonso –  Sueño de juventud  (vals)
Miguel Montero – Recién

Pedro Laurenz


Cumbre de tango

December 15, 2013

This is El Chino’s playlist for today’s program.

1- Amanecer ciudadano – Victor Lavallen (Victor Lavallen)
2- El gurí – Francini y Pontier (Julio Ahumada)
3- Para florearse – Facundo Rotundo (Fco. Rotundo)

4- Por unos ojos negros – Miguel Calo with Carlos Almagro (Jose Dames/H Sanguinetti)
5- Tal para cual – Hector Varela/Rolo (H Varela y Carlos Wais)
6- Siempre tu voz – F. Rotundo/F Ruiz (Titi Rossi- Juan Pomati)

Anibal Troilo
7- Amor y tango with Floreal Ruiz (J Basso y Carlos Bahar)
8- Torrente – with Alberto Marino (H Gutierrez- Homero Manzi)
9- Con T de Troilo with Jorge Caldara (Jorge Caldara)

10-Contratiempo – Francini y Pontier (Astor Piazzolla)
11- Recuerdo – Horacio Salgan (Osvaldo Pugliese)

Alfredo De Angelis
12- Sin aliento – (Isabel De Angelis)
13- Obsesión – with Juan Carlos Godoy (Ricardo Lanzetta)
14- Quien tiene tu amor with Godoy (Leopoldo Diaz Velez)

Juan D’Arienzo
15- El romántico (Vicente De Bassi)
16- Seguime si podés (A Scarpino- Juan Caldarella)
17- El Puntazo (Alejandro Junnissi)
18- La madrugada with Alberto Echague (Angel Maffia/Catulo Castillo)

Osvaldo Pugliese
19- El embrollo (Esteban Gilardi)
20- Ojos negros (Vicente Greco P Numa Cordoba)
21- Quejumbroso (Oscar Herrero)
22- Verano porteño (Astor Piazzolla)

Carlos Di Sarli
23- Calla (Roberto Rufino- Manuel Barros)
24- Cantemos corazón (E Alessio-Reinaldo Yiso)
25- Mi refugio (J C Cobian-P Numa Cordoba)

Ricardo Tanturi
26- Decile que vuelva with Alberto Castillo (Miguel Buccino)
27- Así era ella with Roberto Videla (Angel Di Rosa- Jo Cabodevilla)
28- Oigo tu voz with Enrique Campos (Mario Canaro- F. Garcia Jimenez)