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Hernando’s Hideaway

April 15, 2008

On Sunday I went to my favorite milonga in Buenos Aires-Lo de Celia, at the corner of Humberto Primo and Entre Rios. I usually go Wednesday evenings, but decided I needed to dance on Sunday. Twenty-six year-old Viviana La Falce is deejay, and she has a more eclectic choice of recordings than the regular deejay Daniel Borelli (38) who keeps everyone satisfied with the best tango recordings.

I go to the milongas to dance, to listen to the music, and watch the dancers. I wasn’t dancing at 9:15 when I heard a very familiar tune. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I walked over to the bar to talk with Vivi. It sounded like a tango from the USA entitled, “Hernando’s Hideaway” and it was. Alfredo De Angelis recorded it. The title in Spanish is, “Escondite de Hernando.”

After arriving home, I browsed the internet in search of the origins of this tango. I wanted to know if “Hernando’s Hideaway” originated in Buenos Aires or the USA. My search revealed that the music and lyrics were written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross for their Broadway musical, “The Pajama Game,” that won a Tony award in 1954. Archie Bleyer, arranger and band leader, made the most popular recording. Everyone from Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald to Guy Lombardo and Harry Connick, Jr. made recordings of it. Hernando’s Hideaway was used in the movie, “Some Like It Hot,” with Jack Lemmon, who dressed as a woman, dances tango with Joe E. Brown.

This is the first time I’ve heard an American tango recorded by an Argentine orchestra played in a Buenos Aires milonga. Vivi informs me that “Escondite de Hernando” is being played in the milongas. You won’t hear it with lyrics, but you may recognize the tune. Just to refresh your memory . . .

I know a dark secluded place,
A place where no one knows your face,
A glass of wine, a fast embrace
It’s called Hernando’s Hideaway

Adios Muchachos

April 11, 2008
Marge and Ed Kenyon dancing tango

Marge & Ed Kenyon dancing a tango with the Ray Abrams Trio at the Seagull Hotel in Miami Beach

Today is the 60th anniversary of my birth. Tango has been a part of my life for at least fifty years. I was about ten years old when my parents were taking ballroom classes at the local park district in Chicago. Each week my sister Linda and I practiced the new steps with our dad. Tango was the favorite dance music in our home. Tango was so popular in the fifties that American orchestras were playing arrangements of Argentine tangos. New lyrics were composed for “Adios Muchachos” which I remember: “When we’re dancing and you’re dangerously near me, I get ideas, I get ideas.” Leroy Anderson composed “Blue Tango” which became an American tango favorite. “La Cumparsita,” “El Choclo,” and “Media Luz” were a few of many tangos in our family 33-1/3 rpm record collection.
In August 1960, we took a family vacation in Miami Beach. One night there was a tango contest at the Seagull Hotel where we stayed on Collins Avenue. My parents danced with four other couples and won the contest. My sister and I were so proud of them. This is the photo taken doing their solo with the Ray Abrams Trio. My life in Buenos Aires was being prepared for me long before I could have imagined it.