José Marcos

March 11, 1937 —


The milonga codes are ingrained in the milongueros viejos.  They will never change.  That’s a good thing.  Perhaps newcomers will observe and learn from the milongueros viejos while they are still around.  During my recent visits to milongas, I have noticed that inviting a woman at or near her table is normal for many men.  I know that using the cabeceo from the table to a woman across the floor requires patience.

José makes eye contact, bailas?, and then waits for the woman to acknowledge his invitation before he gets up from his chair.  He has respected the codes and women for decades.  He is not about to change.  The codes are an integral part of the milonga for the milongueros viejos.

Here is Carlos showing how he invites a woman to dance. His doesn’t nod his head, but silently mouths the word – bailas?


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