A difference of opinion

Hoy Milonga has given dancers the option of posting comments about the milongas they attend.  I took the opportunity to read all of the comments that are positive and negative.

For example, this positive comment is posted for El Maipu, now organized by Diana Cauvin in Lo de Celia.

Very nice milonga. One of the best dance floors in the city and an excellent selection of music. And an open atmosphere, too, with a good selection of experienced dancers. For me the best alternative every Tuesday to the crowded PARAKULTURAL.

The dancer expressed his opinion very well about many aspects of the milonga.

A negative opinion is from a newcomer to the milongas who lacks experience.  He makes assumptions to justify his complaint.

This place always packed with porteños that will never accept a newcomer. Only the old cliques of the host.

Yes, the majority of dancers in El Maipu are porteños who live in Buenos Aires.  That’s better than a milonga full of mainly tourists. Tourists are newcomers who are always welcome. It is not true that a newcomer will never be accepted. I speak from first-hand experience. One needs to have patience and attend the same milongas regularly to become familiar to others.  This doesn’t happen after a few visits.  You need to prove yourself to others by respecting the codes and dancing well.  If one leaves after an hour without dancing, no one notices you.  The old cliques are the reason that tourists return year after year to dance.  They have been dancing for decades and are the backbone of the milongas, although  their numbers are declining for obvious reasons.  Consider yourself fortunate to dance with someone over 75, no matter what your age.  Then you will experience the feeling of tango with a porteño/a.

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