EL MUNDO – Domingo, Julio 4 de 1943

Try to imagine a Sunday morning when a porteño went to the corner newspaper stand to buy a copy of El Mundo to check the ads for neighborhood clubs featuring orchestras that night for dancing.

Where would you go?

2 Responses to “EL MUNDO – Domingo, Julio 4 de 1943”

  1. Stefano Says:

    It was great to hear tangos directly from the original orchestras with their musicians and their own energy! But, imagine 1-2 hours of the same musical timbre… perhaps modern milongas offer other advantages and more variety.

  2. jantango Says:

    During the 1940s at the neighborhood clubs, the tango and jazz orchestras were hired for alternating 40-minute sets. No orchestra could play for two hours straight. They all needed a break. A live orchestra with singer has a special energy that the public wanted to experience. Women stood close to the stage to admire their favorite male tango singer close up. Orchestras on the weekend were popular, so the club booked them. The public attended to hear their favorite tango orchestra and/or jazz orchestra perform. They heard the orchestras on the radio and wanted to see them in person.

    If a night of tango and jazz orchestras didn’t suit your taste, recorded music was an option in 1943, in the confiterias bailables in the center of the city. I’ve been told that the men weren’t fond of seeing all the women adoring the male singers on stage, and that situation was eliminated with recordings in the confiterias bailables

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