A visit with Jorge Uzunian in Flores


I called Jorge and asked if a visit at 5:00 would be okay for him. The trip to Flores would be the farthest I’ve traveled in the city in years. It took me only a half hour bus ride and a three block walk to reach Jorge’s apartment building.  I once considered that a long trip for dancing when I went to Salon El Pial in Flores.  I had my camera with me and took this photo minutes after my arrival.

These are two photos of Jorge with a former girlfriend, when they were a young couple (right) and on his 90th birthday (left).  She wanted to marry Jorge, but he preferred being single all his life.

No, that’s not a photo of Fred Astaire.  That’s Jorge who was a professional tap dancer.  He performed on stage and had an agent.  That leap onto one leg takes practice and strength. I learned about this part of Jorge’s life for the first time yesterday.  That’s why I had to take shots of these photos on the wall.

Jorge could have doubled for Gene Kelly with this photo.  He was an elegant dancer who was elegantly dressed.

Jorge has more pairs of shoes than I do.  He took out one of his tap shoes to show me.  This proves to me how much he loved tap dancing, known as zapateo Americano here.  I learned to tap in my teenage years and attended classes at the nearby park where my mom was the pianist.  I couldn’t resist buying a pair of tap shoes a few years ago that I found at a house sale in BA.

The one large room is his bedroom and dining room.  The apartment has a large balcony with lots of plants and a small vegetable garden.  Jorge’s work was landscaping, so of course “El Jardinero” has a garden.  The walls are full of photos and memorabilia.   We watched videos when Jorge danced for the last time for his 85th birthday in Plaza Bohemia and also a special tribute to the milongueros several years ago at the National Congress.

This happy young woman is Luz, who is a nurse and his full-time caretaker. She prepares his meals and takes good care of him.  She is full of love and joy.  If you want to connect with Jorge, you can send your message and/or photo to her email.

I had a wonderful three-hour visit with Jorge and Luz.  I’m invited back anytime for another visit.

3 Responses to “A visit with Jorge Uzunian in Flores”

  1. krishansen4tango Says:

    Love this post, and met Jorge with the beautiful garden he did for Kristin Powell when she lived on Tucumán years ago – a lovely man and beautiful urban hidden oasis private garden – masterful! Kris Hansen

  2. tangogeoff Says:


  3. jantango Says:

    I visited Kristin at her apartment on Tucuman and saw the beautiful garden that Jorge created. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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