Rogelio Heredia

September 21, 1932 — May 27, 2021

DSCN7523Yesterday I made a list of people from the milongas that I want to call, especially those I got to know in Lo de Celia.  The first call I made was to check up on Rogelio.  His wife Julia answered the phone.  When I asked how he is, she told me the sad news that he passed on May 27.  They went to Cordoba in February by bus.  When they returned, Rogelio said he wasn’t going to get out of bed anymore.  The doctors wanted to do many things that didn’t help Rogelio.

I remember Rogelio for his smile and joking around.  After Lo de Celia, he and a couple of friends always went for dinner at the restaurant on the corner.  On one occasion, my friend Jean and I stopped to talk with them.  Rogelio kept us laughing constantly.

Julio Ale (1932-2014), Victor Alberto Ramire (1932-2001), Roberto Alvarez (1933-2010) and Jorge Orellana (1932-) at the milonga El Arranque in Nuevo Salon La Argentina organized by Juan Carlos La Falce.

When I was getting ready to take this photo, Rogelio got up and walked away.  He was at the table with his friends, but for some reason, he didn’t want to be in the photo.  I didn’t ask why and never knew the reason.  I remembered this later and wanted to share it.

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