It’s been one year since the milongas closed in Buenos Aires

A “new normal” has emerged in downtown Buenos Aires so everyone can enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. . . with masks, of course.  I walked along Avenida Corrientes and was stunned by all the new establishments.  All the theaters are open with live shows, and movie theaters are open as well.  I saw new restaurants that are booming with business on Saturday night.  They have tables and chairs on the sidewalks, so there is less room for walkers.

Teatro Colon reopened this week for the 100th anniversary celebration of Astor Piazzolla’s birth with concerts every night that are streamed live on YouTube.  Central Cultural Kirchner has been open for concerts on Saturday and Sunday since January.  Children returned to school on February 17.

The one noticeable exception is the milongas.  I am certain that the association of milonga organizers is working diligently to obtain permission from the city after one year.  Everyone working in the milongas has been without income for the past year. The only tango dancing in the city happens at a few clandestine locations in plazas.  Of course, the fate of the milongas reopening in their previous venues depends on meeting protocols.

This is the entrance of the former cabaret Marabu, later known as Club Maracaibo at Maipu 365.  Every Thursday night there is a live orchestra for dancing.  It’s a very special place where Anibal Troilo debuted his orquesta in 1937, and Carlos Di Sarli’s orquesta performed regularly.


3 Responses to “It’s been one year since the milongas closed in Buenos Aires”

  1. tangogeoff Says:

    Thanks Janis❤️

  2. jantango Says:

    I just opened an email announcing that guided visits in Congress are returning. So I’m hoping that the Orquesta de Camara de La Nacion will be scheduling monthly concerts in Congress.

  3. billinoz Says:

    Janis, Argentina has open borders with Brazil where due to Bolsanaro’s utter incompetence, Covid is running amok. That’s why Tango is shut down completely. Australia closed it’s borders in March 2020 and has stopped the pandemic. Closer to BA’s, just across the Plta, Uruguay shows how to stop this pandemic in Argentina. It also closed all it’s borders.

    If Argentina wants to stop Covid killing people and tango resume again, then Argentina will have to close all it’s borders…

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