A case of nostalgia

There was a concert last night by the Orquesta Filarmonica de Buenos Aires in the amphitheater in Parque Centenario in the neighborhood of Caballito.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to Caballito, so I didn’t remember immediately which bus I needed to take.  I got off the 103 bus at Parque Rivadavia, where I decided to walk along Campichuelo instead of taking another bus to Parque Centenario.  I was walking down memory lane.

A case of nostalgia hit me as the bus passed by Club Italiano (founded in 1898) at Rivadavia 4731, where I briefly attended Alicia’s matinee milonga in the club’s magnificent ballroom.  In a few blocks I passed the street where I visited Alito at the geriatric home.  I couldn’t even look down the block where I walked many times.  Then as I continued down Campichuelo, I arrived at Club Premier.  The front has completely changed.  I knew it was Premier only by the number on the door – 472 and the street name.  As I reached Av. Diaz Velez that borders the park, I remembered going regularly in 1999 to Viejo Correo at Diaz Velez 4820.

My case of nostalgia continued today because I preferred walking to taking a bus on a beautiful day.  I walked along Riobamba and when I was close to Av. Corrientes, I turned around to look at the door of El Beso.  A man noticed my observation and commented something about it to me.  I knew it as Regin in 1997, where I had my first tanda with Alito.  We all have tango moments that stay with us forever.  On the next block, I looked across the street at the shuttered Club Castel, where I occasionally attended the milonga Porteno y Bailarin.

I have been living in Buenos Aires for twenty-two years.  I am grateful I have had so many years to dance in so many venues that no longer exist.  My hope is that there will be an active community of dancers in the milongas very soon.  Buenos Aires has lost its soul without milongas.  Dancers thrive on tango.

2 Responses to “A case of nostalgia”

  1. tangogeoff Says:


  2. suerteloca Says:

    It’s fun to see that door again after all these years. I remember the first time I walked through it, and up the stairs, for a class at El Beso.

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