Seeing a friend during the quarantine

We were walking in different directions at the same corner when I saw my old friend Joe Petrisko crossing the street.  I called his name and got his attention.  We chatted at a social distance for fifteen minutes or more.  It’s been five months since we talked over tea for hours at Cafe de los Angelitos.

Joe attended the first tango festival I organized in 1995, and also attended the second one in 1996.  I needed a new business partner for 1997, and Joe accepted. The venue was arranged at the University of Maryland at College Park, in the area where he lived.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take place.

One day I said to Joe, why don’t you move to Buenos Aires?  There’s nothing keeping you in Maryland.  Eventually, he came down for another visit when I took him house-hunting.  He found a house he liked that day and moved in a few months later.  That was 14 years ago.  Everything fell into place for Joe.  He lives six blocks from me.

Both of us agreed that we are glad to be living in Buenos Aires today and not in the USA.

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