My neighbor loves tango

A neighbor in my building loves tango music.  Thanks to him, I hear the recordings of Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D’Arienzo, Miguel Calo, etc. almost every afternoon.  I heard my favorite tunes of Di Sarli today while sweeping the patio. There was a time when Gabriel, in his early 40s, listened only to Argentine rock music at high volume that was so irritating.  His music changed when his girlfriend moved in.  Then it was only tango music coming from their apartment two floors above mine.

One year ago I offered dance lessons at no charge to Gabriel and his partner.  He had lost his job and had time on his hands while she worked to pay their bills.  He stayed home with their two-year-old boy.  I knew for certain that Gabriel would enjoy dancing because he knows the music.  He thanked me for my offer, and said it wasn’t a good time.  I knew that focusing on tango would give him inner peace as well as a needed distraction.

After I finished on the patio, I met Gabriel in the hallway of the building.  I told him I enjoyed the Di Sarli album very much.  Those were my favorite tunes when I danced with Tito Aquino in Lo de Celia.  During the pandemic, Gabriel, his partner Adriana, and their son Felipe are together all the time.  Dancing tango is something they can enjoy together.  Felipe certainly would enjoy dancing with his daddy and mommy as all children do.

You know, tango is a meditation, I said to Gabriel.  You love the music, so you will love dancing with Adriana and Felipe.  When Felipe is ready for a nap, hold him in your arms and dance tango with him.  You both will love the feeling.

Tango can help anyone in these stressful times.

3 Responses to “My neighbor loves tango”

  1. tangogeoff Says:


  2. Stig Djerf Says:

    Nice photo, touching text.

  3. douglasjrhodes Says:

    Very nice. Enjoyed reading this.

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