Cine Teatro Puerreydon

This is the site of the movie theater Puerreydon in the neighborhood of Flores that was constructed in 1873 and remodeled in 1912.  It closed in 1989 and was declared for historic preservation by the city legislature in 1998.  Even so, the building was set for demolition and the neighborhood and legislature saved it for a new cultural center because “culture is a basic priority in a modern city.”  El Puerreydon is a cultural icon of Flores.

The Carnival dances at El Puerreydon had six nights of dancing with two orquestas performing alternating sets — Orquesta Tipica Julio de Caro and Eddie Kay and his Alabama Jazz.  There were gifts for everyone who attended.  Gentlemen accompanied by a lady paid $5 to enter; single ladies paid $2.  That prompts my question about single men to dance with the single ladies.  Usually it was the ladies who had free admission; in this case it may have been the single men. Carnival dances were an opportunity to break the normal dress code and be creative, like these women dressed in the style of Carmen Miranda.  How could they possibly dance in those costumes?

Eddie Kay sounds like an American, but Edmundo Tulli (1904-1972) was born in Italy, immigrated the New York City where he began his piano studies, and eventually ended up in Buenos Aires where he performed on Radio El Mundo, in cabarets and clubs. He became a close friend of Carlos Gardel.

Julio De Caro played a unique instrument, the violin corneta. He left 420 recordings, the last of which was Derecho Viejo.

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