Club Almagro

I wrote about the milonga at the Club Almagro I knew on Av. Medrano near Sarmiento.  The milonga closed when the club ownership wanted to expand their space for exercise equipment.

This post is about the original Club Almagro during the 1940s, located at Gascon 552.  Like so many venues that were social clubs with a salon for dancing, Club Almagro was demolished for construction of an apartment building on the site.  Milongueros often spoke about this club and the high level of dancing.

These two ads from El Mundo in 1941 are a perfect example of the two tango worlds that coincided in the same venue at the same time.  Thanks to Michael Krugman’s research at the library, where he secretly scanned the newspapers for ads, he discovered the first proof I have ever seen of a “baile” with live tango and jazz music and a “baile” with recordings in the same venue.  Dancers applauded the orchestras on stage after each tune, but dancers never applauded after recorded tunes.

Of course, bailes con grabaciones were referred to as milongas by the milongueros.

These dance ads from the 40s have U. T. XX – XXXX somewhere in the text, and I wanted to know what it was.  U. T. stands for: Union Telefonica.  The number in these two ads was the six-digit telephone number for Club Almagro!

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