Mi Club

The ad reads as follows:  Grand dances by the magazine Argentine Cinema – Today and all the following Sundays at 6:00pm in My Club (Forwarders Union) at Moreno 2967 cheered Julian Centeya and Federico (?).  In the magazine Argentine Cinema there is a gift coupon for these dances. CLIP IT.  Admission:  guests $2, partners (club members) $1.50, Ladies $0.50   Roberto Zerrillo was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and began studying violin at age 11.  He directed Orquesta Tipica Roberto Zerrillo at this dance in the Forwarders Union building that still exists in my neighborhood.  Raul Brujis was an Argentinian composer of very few tangos.

Since the building where these dances were held is in my neighborhood, I went this week to investigate the location.  On the first visit, I found a huge demolished space that looked like it had been a sports club many years ago, a common venue for dances.  I looked for Moreno 2947, which is not the address in the ad.  I went back another day to Moreno 2967 and found the Union Tranviarios with broken windows on the first floor.  That confirmed I had found the same venue of these dances by Mi Club.  My next visit will be to see if I can get more information about the building and possibly gain access to the salon used for the dances in the 1940s and take photos.

This is a photo I found on the internet, not one that I took as the building is today.

This is another ad for My Club:  Today from 5:00pm to 11:00pm, Alfredo DeAngelis and Paul Wyer (animated).  Gentlemen $2, Ladies $0.50  Sunday, May 30th – Carlos Di Sarli and Bleu Garden Jazz.

The word “animated” had me curious and searching.  I found this video of Paul Wyer and the Red Hot Orchestra.  I suspect that film footage of the orchestra was shown for dancing, alternating with tango sets.

This investigation is interesting.  I’m finding many unanswered questions about how things were in the 1940s dances.  If anyone knows more, please comment below.

Here the ad is designated Salon Union Tranviarios when Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese performed with singers Augusto Gauthier and Roberto Chanel.  Gauthier never sang for recordings with Pugliese, but was recorded singing on the radio.  Barry Moral (jazz) had three vocalists.

I found more ads at Moreno 2967 after posting.

This is the first ad by Onyx Mutual Association using the salon at Union Tranviarios on Moreno 2967.

This was the first time “Mi Club” announced the orquestas for the following Sunday.

And this ad from April 11, 1943, for the beginning of the season with Miguel Calo, also announced the orquestas for two following nights. I think that was using the advertising space wisely for the benefit of dancers.  There was probably an announcement made several times each night during the dance.  As long as orquestas were already booked for a date, it was good business to let the dancers know.  The months of January and February were vacation time for the musicians.  Besides it was too warm those months for dances when there was no air-conditioning in those days.  This ad indicates the “beginning of the season” in April.  Dancers had to be there early on Sunday to hear the orquestas.  It appears that Miguel Calo was there “until 19,20 hs,” and the orquesta went to another club.

An update 7/15/2020

I went to take photos of the Union Transviarios Automotor building yesterday.  I was curious to see if someone on the premises would permit me to enter and view the room where the orquestas performed in the 1940s.

The man at the door said the windows on the first floor were vandalized in December.  He called the building manager about my request.  A man came out to meet me and talk with me on the street.  He said he couldn’t let me inside, but he wanted to give me a copy of a book published in 2017 about the history of public transportation of Buenos Aires, which has a photo of the movie theater where the dances with orquestas were held.  The book is a historical archive of streetcars and buses in the city’s transportation system.  The question remains for me is exactly where did the people dance and sit.  Work is being done on the building and at some point dancing could return to the salon.  Dancers here and around the world are wondering when social dancing in the milongas will return.

A History about Wheels

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