Zero Milongas in Buenos Aires

Months ago I decided I would compare the number of milongas in March 2000 with those in March 2020.  I posted the March 2000 list three years ago.  I certainly never thought I’d be comparing the old list with zero milongas today.  But that is a fact.  The milongas listed on are cancelled until further notice.  Organizers met and decided that closure was the right decision during the pandemic of Coronavirus which has reached Argentina.

The city government has closed all concert venues, museums, and schools, so it is necessary for the milongas to stay closed as well where so many seniors are at risk.  Tango is a close contact sport and an easy opportunity for passing the virus.  I understand that Italian tourists were dancing in the milongas this month.  The virus  has changed life as we knew it on the planet.  It’s a wake-up call that we must hear.

There are 138 milongas on the March 2000 list above.  I referred to Hoy-Milonga to determine there are 118 milongas in the capital federal, not including the provincial milongas or practicas.  I have to admit this is more than I expected.  A few years ago there were around 75, seriously low for Buenos Aires.  What is also amazing is that many of the milonga venues in 2000 are still operating in 2020: Salon Canning, Club Armenia, Salon Rodriguez, Salon El Pial, Club Gricel, Salon Marabu, Salon Region Leonesa, Club Pedro Echague, Club Glorias Argentinas, and Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo.  All the venues were built as social venues for dancing, so tango continues in them.

In March 2000, a weekend had 96 milongas, versus only 52 today.

4 Responses to “Zero Milongas in Buenos Aires”

  1. Hector Villar Says:

    Hello Janis,

    I wanted to share some numbers from Hoy Milonga from before all got cancelled. I recently provided these numbers to the AOM (Asociación de Organizadores de Milongas).

    Total Milongas and practicas: 199. Here Parakultural will be counted only once, even if they do 3 milongas a week.
    153 in CABA
    46 in CABA Suburbs (Castelar, Ramos Mejía, Merlo, Tigre, Avellaneda, Quilmes, San Martin, Martinez, San Justo, Florida, etc)

    Venues (salones, centros culturales, etc) total: 133
    90 in CABA
    43 in CABA Suburbs

    Total number of milonga events during a month: 894. Here Parakultural will count as 3 per week.

    Best regards,

    -Hector (Creator of

  2. jantango Says:

    I’m so grateful to Hector for reading the post and commenting. He knows the numbers and clearly saw my error.

  3. R. Bononno Says:

    Well, it should come as no surprise that there haven’t been any tango events of any kind in NYC for the past two weeks.

  4. tangogeoff Says:

    Thanks to both of you!

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