Edificio El Molino

Restoration work on the landmark Edificio El Molino across from the national congress has been ongoing for years.  For the last year, the work appears more serious than before.

There is a beautiful salon de baile on the first floor.  During my first visit to Buenos Aires in March 1996, I went one night to the milonga organized by Juan Fabbri of Solo Tango TV. The entrada was $8 pesos/dollars — the highest entrada of all the milongas at that time.

The restoration process is far from complete, but I have hopes there is a milonguero/a ready, willing, and able to host a new milonga in the salon of this historic 1916 building.

Buenos Aires is the tango center of the world.

3 Responses to “Edificio El Molino”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Fingers crossed, Janis!
    Same goes for Confiteria Ideal.

  2. jantango Says:

    Thank you for mentioning Confiteria Ideal which is also under restoration for years. Let’s hope that tango returns to that magnificent building.

    Imagine seeing these venues listed on Hoy Milonga: Salon La Argentina in Palacio Rodriguez Pena, El Salon de Baile on the first floor above Confiteria del Molino on Callao and Rivadavia, and Confiteria Ideal on Suipacha. Another historic venue that has been operating for several years, thanks to Joe Fisch from NYC, is Club Marabu (aka Maracaibo) on Maipu with live music every Thursday night. Salon La Argentina is competing on the same night with Club Marabu. These four magnificent venues could ignite a new golden era of tango. Let’s just say I remain hopeful.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Thanks for the updates, Janis. Looking forward to checking them out soon.

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