Milonguero sightings

The only place you are certain to find milongueros viejos is at certain traditional milongas in Buenos Aires.  I have written for a few years how their numbers are declining, because of poor health or death.  Three left us in the last weeks of 2019.

I am no longer going to the milongas after 20 years, so it is rare that I see a milonguero.  Recently, I had two milonguero sightings on the street.  Buenos Aires is a big city, but it’s amazing how small it seems with surprise encounters.

I was on my way home one day just before Christmas, walking down Avenida Belgrano, when I noticed a milonguero going in the opposite direction.  I decided to approach him, even though we had never spoken or danced before.  My first question was, don’t know you from the milongas?  I had to ask his name, since this was the first time talking with him.  He walks with a cane and doesn’t go to the milongas.  He lives at the intersection of Belgrano and Entre Rios and goes to La Continental restaurant on the corner where he’s a regular customer for lunch and dinner; I saw him another day seated outside while taking my morning walk.  Roque Iaria may be a familiar face to some of you who come regularly to Buenos Aires.  Juan Lencina was a good friend that he was sad to lose.

Then two days after Christmas, while on my way to an informal music session by several guitarists, I had yet another milonguero sighting along Rivadavia, across from Plaza Congreso.  I was so happy to notice Antonio and went up to talk with him.  He said he didn’t know me, although we had danced many times together at Lo de Celia.  He was dressed in a suit and tie as always for the milonga, so I asked if he was going to dance.  His wife died a few years ago, so Antonio lives alone in La Boca.  The milongas get him out of his apartment and provide the social contact he needs.  He asked me to join him for coffee, but I had to decline.  It’s been about two years since I last spoke with Antonio Ignacio Cejas, now 85.

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  1. tangogeoff Says:

    Thank you, Janis, and happy new year! 😘😘😘

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