Ernesto Hector Garcia

May 8, 1936 — December 10, 2019


I read the news today on Facebook about the passing of El Flaco Dany, one of very few milongueros since the 1950s who gained recognition world-wide for his dancing. He was fortunate to tour many countries in Europe where he taught and performed at tango festivals, and he was in Barcelona when he passed.  Dany was best known for his milonga con traspie.

Carlos Gavito, Eduardo Masci, Elvio Vitali, Cacho Masci, Miguel Angel Balbi, “Dany” Garcia, and Pedro “Tete” Rosconi

Roberto Bonavato, Mario Calorota, Ernesto Garcia, Jorge Uzunian, Hugo Belvisi, Miguel Angel Balbi

Jorge Garcia (Dany’s brother), Gilda, Ada Peloso, jantango, Carlos Gavito, Miguel Angel Balbi, Dany’s mom in red dress, Dany, Ricardo Maceiras, Stella Maris Hassan, Aura Tateossian, Lolo Garaban, Armando Giacovelli in front of Teatro Metropolitano after performance of Danza Maligna.

Video of Dany that I recorded October 2001 at Club Caribbean.

Dany began teaching with Muma Valino at La Turca’s milonga in Club Monte Carlo on Corrientes and Libertad.  I bought a video camera specifically to record interviews and the milongueros in the milongas.  I recorded Dany and Muma dancing in the milonga at El Beso, in Casa de Gerard, and an exhibition at Sunderland Club from April to June 2001.  My favorite footage is of Dany teaching a class of beginners in Centro Region Leonesa in October 2001.  I recorded other exhibitions of Dany at Lo de Celia, on stage at Teatro Alvear, Noche con Gavito at La Trastienda, and Danza Maligna at Teatro Metropolitan (2002-2003).

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