Confiteria del Molino

Only one block from the demolished Nuevo Salon La Argentina is the Confiteria del Molino.  This building, which opened in 1916, is a protected landmark under restoration and now owned by the state.  It’s never coming down!

I had my first visit to Buenos Aires in March 1996, when a milonga opened on the first floor of Confiteria del Molino (windmill).  This article from La Nacion has a photo of the dance salon where Madonna danced in the movie “Evita.”  The milonga closed after only six months, and then the building closed and was abandoned in 1997.  The confiteria on the ground floor is where politicians went to talk business. The national congress is just across the street.

This photo shows the windows and doors facing Avenida Callao of the salon de baile where the milonga was held in 1996.  I recall going out on the balcony through the doors on the far right. I may have danced only one tanda that night, but it was a very special place for tango, even if only for a brief period.  Perhaps tango dancing will return to the famous salon de baile in Confiteria del Molino in the not too distant future.  The city is losing venues for milongas, which are crucial to tango’s survival as a social dance and cultural interest.


3 Responses to “Confiteria del Molino”

  1. douglasjrhodes Says:

    Very nice article. That’s for sharing.

  2. douglasjrhodes Says:

    Very nice article. I hope tango does return to this historic site. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Felicity Graham Says:

    Nice story, thanks Janis.

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