Ringing in the new year

Holidays are a family occasion, when so many milongas close.  A friend told me about one milonga venue that is open for those who want to dance and party with friends on New Year’s Eve — Obelisco Tango.  The announcement says: You’re invited to celebrate something different for New Year’s Eve.  Reserve your space with your advance payment.  Bring your own dinner.  The only condition is that you buy your drinks from us.  Air-conditioned venue.  The admission is only 300 pesos!  Buying five or more admissions for a 20% discount.

Foreigners who are in Buenos Aires for the holidays may choose this option on Monday night.  There will be excellent music provided by Pier Aldo from Italy, that is, if you can hear it.  There won’t be any milongueros viejos because they’ll be at be at home with family.  There will be groups of friends dancing together.  Single women expecting a regular milonga environment will be disappointed.  It’s a party into the wee hours of the morning.  Trying to find a taxi to take you home could be a challenge.



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