Homogenized and prepackaged tango

Today the dancing is all so homogenized and prepackaged for exhibition. You don’t see social dancers wearing dresses with high slits, but that’s standard for exhibition couples today. You don’t see social dancers standing six feet apart to begin a dance, but that’s how “salon” is marketed today. Most of what is done in today’s exhibitions is a far cry from actual social dancing in the milongas of BsAs. While the champions are doing their perfect choreographies, social tango is falling by the wayside. When the masses no longer dance socially, it will be the death of tango. Dance floors aren’t big enough for all the egos that want attention.


Originally posted to Dance Forum, Jan. 17, 2014


3 Responses to “Homogenized and prepackaged tango”

  1. Janet Rieck Says:

    Having danced for a very long time, I have to say that the majority of tango in the US is not really tango…but copied styles of tango. Tango comes from the heart and the feeling you get when you dance and your response…it has nothing to do with style or steps. All of which has been said many times. I dance at home with my husband and enjoy dancing tango…I don’t need to watch bad exhibition tango where everything is energy and tricks. If we go dancing in US, we dance by ourselves and totally enjoy it. The “game” in B.A. is a real turnoff. Paying someone to dance with you is what is destroying tango there…among other things. If I were there, I would dance with my husband and the ones I love to dance with and block out the rest. But not dancing tango is not in the cards for me. Whatever happens in my life, I will always dance tango. And I don’t care about the rest.

  2. tangogeoff Says:

    Well said, Janis and Janet.

  3. NicholeS Says:

    Unfortunately, in New York, we do see social dancers in dresses with high slits, and wearing tango “get up” as I like to call it. I’m with you- come as you are and be in the moment while dancing.

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