Hugo Diaz

January 18, 1948 – July 18, 2018

Hugo started dancing tango late in life.  He was too busy working long hours as a bus driver.  Then he bought a service station on the highway and turned it over to his sons to manage. They live very well, thanks to Hugo’s hard work.

He loved tango so much that he went every evening to the milongas at Obelisco Tango, Lo de Celia, Club Gricel, Nuevo Chique and others.  Smoking was another habit of his.  He had a heart attack at home.

It is unfortunate that Hugo couldn’t realize his dream of organizing a milonga in the lower level of his historical landmark house on Chile in Montserrat.  The project was  started years ago with an architect, but his sons, who are joint owners of the house, didn’t have any interest in it.  Hugo rented rooms to foreign tango visitors.



One Response to “Hugo Diaz”

  1. Janet Rieck Says:

    One of the really nice fellows to dance with, I
    will miss him.

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