What would you miss most if you left Argentina?

That question was the title of a thread on BAexpats.org by a man from the UK.  Many reasons quickly popped into my head that resulted in my post:

I’d miss being greeted on the street by the neighbors
I’d miss being greeted by name at stores
I’d miss the blue sky and lovely warm days
I’d miss walking this beautiful city
I’d miss all the incredible free concerts the city offers in dozens of venues all year-long
I’d miss walking at the ecological reserve and Palermo park
I’d miss tango dancing with lifelong milongueros
I’d miss the magnificent architecture of the city
I’d miss connecting with friendly portenos in daily life
I’d miss all the hug and kisses I receive and give to friends and acquaintances in this grand city

I will never leave Argentina.

Then today I noticed that someone quoted and liked my post.  That person wrote the following:

I love your posts and your passion for this city. This forum is often used as an outlet for people to express their frustration with living in Argentina as an expat, which I completely understand, but your posts serve as a constant reminder of all the reasons to come in the first place, and reasons to continue living in Buenos Aires. Your free concerts thread is one of the best things on the forum!

I will admit that it touched me and caused immediate sniffling.

10 Responses to “What would you miss most if you left Argentina?”

  1. Romaine blezat Says:

    And wouldn’t you miss your Friends from all Over thé World?

    Maryline, Inès, Romaine…

    And showing BA as a touristic guide to all your Friends from all Over thé World?
    Romaine Blezat

  2. tangogeoff Says:


  3. jantango Says:

    Of course!

  4. ceonotestoself Says:

    How about the botanical cats and the ferias americanas?

  5. jantango Says:

    You know me so well, my dear. The cats were rescued from the Botanical Garden in Palermo. The ferias americanas are a past-time which I could find anywhere, but I still check out the listings for the weekend sales just in case there is something I need. I simply can’t justify buying something new when used will do.

  6. Felicity Says:

    Nice post! Having done 8 of those 10 with you, the list strikes me as great reasons and very ‘you’ 🙂

  7. jantango Says:

    When you return, we’ll do the other two — walk in the reserve and Palermo Park, and attend free concerts.

  8. Felicity Says:

    Thanks Janis! Sounds great.

  9. Jose Says:

    What about taxes?

  10. jantango Says:

    I don’t think or worry about money in Argentina, whereas I would be if I returned to the USA. I can live well on a very small amount in Buenos Aires, but I’d be on the street in the USA. I prefer Argentina for all the reasons listed.

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