Milonga shuffling

Barajando is the perfect name for the newest milonga in Buenos Aires.  I think it’s about time Jonatan Rojas organized a milonga.  He’s a familiar face in the milongas and a fine dancer.  There’s no better venue for Jony to start than where he was a waiter for so many years.

Barajando means shuffling a deck of cards.   The tango Barajando was recorded by Juan D’Arienzo with Alberto Echague.

Jony is the right person to revive Sundays at the corner of Humberto Primo and Entre Rios.  He’s had a full house so far and already has plans for a Wednesday milonga.  When an organizer knows how to take care of the dancers, they come.  He’s worked in the salon almost since Celia’s opening, so it’s only natural for him to hold his first milonga there.

I wish Jony much success as organizer.  He takes care of his customers.


5 Responses to “Milonga shuffling”

  1. 2tango99 Says:

    So pleased to hear this. Jonaton is one of my favorite people in BsAs. Best wishes on a succesful milonga, at what was once my most preferred place to dance.

  2. Mario Rinald Says:

    looks great!

  3. jantango Says:

    We both know how well Jony the waiter took care of everyone at the milonga, so there is no doubt that Jony the milonga organizer will take care of everyone at his milonga(s).

    I hope you and I will dance a tanda at our favorite venue one of these days.

  4. Janet Rieck Says:

    I am so happy to hear this. Celia was always one of my favorite places to dance tango I always felt that it was a crime and an embarrassment that care was not taken to keep this milonga going.
    Celia would be pleased. Good luck…great choice for a new organizer.

  5. jantango Says:

    It’s not easy keeping up with all the shuffling going on with milonga venues. Milonga de Los Consagrados has had a home in Centro Region Leonesa for many years, then moved for a couple weeks to La Nacional on Alsina 1465, and another move to Casa de Galicia around the corner on San Jose. Those without a computer will find the doors closed and not know where to go.

    I learned minutes ago that El Maipu moved from Obelisco Tango to La Nacional on January 24. Who knows why? If you’re not checking hoy-milonga or Facebook, you would go as usual to Obelisco Tango. Not only has the venue changed, but the hours are different. I doubt there will be a note on the door at Obelisco directing dancers to La Nacional.

    It’s not easy keeping up with the milonga shuffling in Buenos Aires!

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