Roberto Segarra

September 16, 1920

There is no doubt that tango keeps Roberto active and happy.  When we dance, I feel like I’m dancing with a younger man.


3 Responses to “Roberto Segarra”

  1. Anja Says:

    I just heard about the death of Roberto. I will miss him , RIP!

    P.S.: Thank you Janis for keeping me up to date for so many years!

  2. jantango Says:

    Someone asked me about him recently. I haven’t been going to the milongas and didn’t know about his passing until reading your comment.

  3. Anja Says:

    I don’t have any closer informations. I got the information from Lucy Alberto’s post at facebook frieday morning CET. Last time I had the great pleasure to meet and dance with Roberto a Tanturi Tanda was March 2018 at my last visit at Buenos Aires. It was wonderfull. I couldn’t belive Roberto was 97 years old at that time.

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