My trifecta

A milonguera friend once told me that the milonga is a mystery; you never know with whom you will dance.

I don’t want or need to dance every tanda at a milonga.  Jorge knows that about me.  We’ve danced regularly since Irma passed.  It’s a privilege dancing with one of the very best milongueros of Buenos Aires.  He has spoiled me.

Today, we danced Biaggi tangos.  Later, when a vals tanda began, I was longing to dance with him.  Since he’s at the next table, I heard him say, Pichi.  Lucky me!   And last, but not least, we danced Canaro milongas.

I told him during the last tanda that this was the first time we danced tango, vals, and milonga in one evening.  I was completely satisfied after a trifecta with Jorge and went home at 9:00pm.


2 Responses to “My trifecta”

  1. tangogeoff Says:

    Aah, I love these posts…

  2. Tango Tails Says:

    As in the fly fishing community (term made famous after baseball) when catching the three major species at a fishing event, you got a grand slam! Lovely!!

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