Like a step back in time to the golden era of tango

Nina and Oscar told me they would be dancing an exhibition on July 13 in Marabu, when I met them at Nuevo Chique on June 20.  I looked forward to seeing them again.  I didn’t know what plans were in store for that night until reading the program for the month at Marabu on Facebook.

I knew I didn’t want to miss this night at Marabu, which years later was known as Maracaibo.  The purpose was to pay tribute to Anibal Troilo who debuted his orquesta in 1937 in this very same venue as it is today.  They unveiled a plaque from the city legislature at the ceremony.

I attended afternoon milongas at Maracaibo before it closed in 2000.  Years later, I attended other special events there, but never heard an orchestra perform on the stage where Di Sarli played and Troilo debuted his orquesta . . . until last night.

Nina and Oscar delighted the audience with a tango by D’Arienzo and a vals, then another tango by Di Sarli.

La Orquesta de Richard Cappz played Troilo classics as his orquesta recorded them.  It was incredible.  There I was, listening to the orquesta perform Troilo where Troilo debuted 80 years ago with his orquesta. I was trying to imagine how it was for the public who heard the orquesta for the first time and danced and listened to this music.  Troilo was only 23 years old.

I met Richard Cappz (center bandoneonist) when he was a member of Orquesta Gente de Tango (Di Sarli style). I’m glad that he formed his own orquesta with an excellent ensemble of musicians.

They finished the night playing Quejas de bandoneon, the signature composition of Troilo.

One Response to “Like a step back in time to the golden era of tango”

  1. Tango Tails Says:

    What a night to remember! I am so happy to hear wonderful news like this, and I hope to hear and dance to them too, one day!! Thanks for sharing.

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